Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

1 thought on “Inglewood Residents Question Mayor’s Credibility, Integrity (Video)

  1. An important update to the story is this. On August 21st, 2018, James Butts was desperately frightened that the public would hear a recording of him making his despicable comment to Ms. Sombrano. James Butts was afraid that the public would hear the comment, not only because the comment itself was despicable, but also because James Butts had lied to the public in a council meeting and denied that he had ever made the comment.
    That being the case, at the August 21st council meeting, James Butts not only refused to allow me to play a recording of his statement to Ms. Sombrano during my public comments, even though there is no city council meeting rule that bars the public playing audio tapes, but he also facilitated and sanctioned my being assaulted and battered when I tried to play that recording after the meeting was over, as the audience was leaving.
    After the meeting was over, the Sergeant at Arms and a man James Butts has described as his bodyguard, Emery Ward, rushed over to me, pinned me in my chair and physically tried to take from me the electronic device I was using to play the comment. In fact, the mayor’s so-called bodyguard used great force trying to wrestle the device out of my hand.
    As frequent council meeting goers know, James Butts will lie, violate meeting rules, violate the Law and resident’s Civil Rights, including using intimidation and illegal force, to hide his misconduct.
    Anybody but James Butts for anything in 2018.

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