Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

12 thoughts on “Inglewood residents outraged that Special Planning Commission Meeting is being held to approve proposed Clippers Arena during COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Also rent. #blacklivesmatter
    Low income individual can’t afford higher rent. With no rent control. #blm. #corruption.

  2. This is politics and not really any concern for anything else other than to throw shade on Butts and the development

    1. Thank you 2urban girls!
      If our “elected to represent us”had their way No One would be aware of this behind closed door deal !
      Hmm…If it were such a good thing for Inglewood residents why does the “Butts Team”need to hide behind “special” barely noticed meetings -conducted not at a regular planning meeting on the first Wednesday of June or July .
      Did anyone notice The “Developer “ remains almost hidden from the public while residents are told to give their name.
      We gotta ask why the billionaire wants the city to use eminent domain on small business right after Paying a big buck Payoff to MSG to drop a lawsuit which would allow low income taxpayers to discover how our hard earned dollars are given away to select persons in exchange for their secret keeping!
      The “privately funded” song just doesn’t ring true if our neighbors loose their business, giant development tower over homes or -we pay taxes to fund the monorail project {oops was that something from another unnoticed meeting}
      Sounds more like “anonymous” is the one “throwing shade”

  3. What is the issue that residents have with this development if no homes are being vacated in any of the parcels mentioned?

    Am I naive for thinking a $1Billion will raise property values in the area?

    1. I’m a resident/property owner in Inglewood. I still have yet to see people being outraged. The Forum lobiest screaming gentrification for their own personal gain have now been bought out. So I don’t know who these outraged people are. Inglewood is still affordable in comparison to it’s neighboring cities.

      1. You should read the comments on the planning commission website. letters residents and business owners submitted about the project. Unfortunately, they were unable to physically attend the meeting to voice their concerns because this was a special meeting and COvId-19 was used to keep people away.

      2. Duh kinda hard to be heard if there is no notice and no funding like the billionaires provide their cheerleaders,
        The outraged are those who saved their nickels and dimes to purchase their homes in a community they could enjoy expecting that they would have elected who listened to them and not act as if the elected know best as they perform at their contributors command,
        Who they are are – those have watched the mayor insult, discount, and threaten any who raise questions or suggest the out of towers may not have community interest at heart
        They are those who have attempted to express their opinions and encountered “technical difficulties” so that they are not heard,
        They are those for whom Staff reports and public records are unavailable, they are those who experience discovering “special” meeting notification barely meeting minimum requirements after the meetings take place They are those who find truthful minutes are non existent And they are those who discover their elected representatives have been dazzled by campaign contributors
        Let’s hope the next election candidates care about residents more than the developers who have come to our community wanting prime real estate at bargain-basement, super discount prices for the purpose of Manhattaning our homes community
        Trying to buy us out by claiming we can find comparable homes at the price we are offered assumes we want to leave California
        Let us hope that our voices are no longer muted-our voices should not be silenced.

    2. It will create an obscene amount of congestion in the city with the Rams stadium, new shopping center and Forum mere blocks from each other. It also forces alot of local businesses out but I won’t begin to break down gentrification for you.

    3. Rental hikes and homelessness for residents that already resides there. As one it is very difficult to find affordable rent even so now because of the development. The project has its pros and cons but when any project like this come about low income and the natives that live there already should always be considered but money is king unfortunately.

    4. You ar naive in thinking that it will remain in effect, while Ballmer probably has a deal to pay NO TAXES like KROENKE. In the end you pay. Sucker.

    5. Naive ? Perhaps just not terribly tuned in to anything that doesn’t include a fan club or sports heroes.. Community is more than property value and communities should never be sold out !
      To think there is “no serious” impact suggests that Inglewood residents should be okay not being able to get to and from their homes when sports fans descend.
      Residents should be okay with the air pollution of the fuel exhaust which only they have the “luxury” of saying will be added to the LAX fuel mix dropped as travelers make their runway approach.
      Residents should be content that ambulance fire and police response for the project will be provided for —so in case of heart attack get your loved one to the arena and then call 911 or time those heart attacks to get around the traffic and drive to Torrance or Marina del Rey
      And oh yes maybe “0UR Realtors” will do us a favor and get us enough for our
      HOMES so we can buy a really nice tent for the empty piece of dirt in the dessert we can afford -After all when that other billionaire builds his condos on our school sites he probably will have a different idea of “affordable” than that nice old duplex owner.
      (Congrats to our assembly rep for making sale of schools so easy ) Apparently condo dwellers won’t have kids? Or maybe they will have private live in teachers. What was that another Sacramento bill residents didn’t know about ?
      There is the other unseen challenge- the earthquake fault Originally called Inglewood-Newport (with greater than Northridge impact potential -responsible for changing building codes across California) Not to worry it shouldn’t be a concern we were assured The Developer will have emergency service for players and fans.
      How Interesting some scream about there isn’t enough housing but fail to make
      the connection of homes torn down for this project years ago and the similarity to the entire community lost to expanding LAX on the the west side and the other community lost to build LAX transit centers on the east side All the while screaming NIMBY by those who never loose homes for “economic opportunity “ or “community benefit”

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