Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

1 thought on “Inglewood Removes Audio from Today’s Council Meeting

  1. When you consider the overwhelming proff that James Butts physically and verbally abused his daughter, choked his ex-wife into unconsciousness in front of their daugher, is a serial adulterer, liar, law-breaker. Civil Rights violator who the court found had trained his officers in Santa Monica to illegally question citizens, and who the court found used his power to waste almost $200000 of taxpayer money With a frivolous lawsuit to hide his misconduct, and who awarded a 10 million dollar contract to a high bid company just because they gave his brother a job, and who, according to his mistress is a perjuror, and who almost killed 3 people when he illegally ran a red light, it’s hard to miss the fact that James T Butts Jr is the most corrupt, vile and dangerous mayor in California.

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