Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

31 thoughts on “Inglewood records third homicide within a week

  1. Went to I.H.S with the homie. We had English together and P.E.

    RIP H.K


  2. I’m quite sure that we have the COWARD that was there and set up HK now once this COWARD is CONVICTED the whole fam will rest easy

  3. Worked with Hakim last summer on an HBO show. A good dude and a man providing for his family. He did not deserve this. Rest In Power

  4. We lost a real one! If he loved you he loved you right or wrong! But if you crossed him he check you off of his list.

  5. I am crushed to hear this news. He was always so cool on set. He will be greatly missed. I hope we can bring an end to this senseless violence. Brothers need to work it out.

  6. A real gentleman, good-natured and an honest serious man with infinite love for his family. He will be missed.?

  7. If anyone knows a GoFundMe link or anything to help little Hakim, please post it here

    There are a lot of people that want to help
    RIP HK


    Daily Breeze –
    Inglewood Today – info@inglewoodtoday.com
    Inglewood Times – richard@inglewoodtimes.com

    Why has there been little to no coverage of the murder of Hakim Kent in Inglewood on Wednesday 05/06/2020?
    He was not just “Pasadena Man”
    He was a family man. A coach. A successful Hollywood Set Lighting Technician.
    A Neighbor. A Friend

    He spent his life in Inglewood. This wasn’t just a random “Pasadena Man” passing through. We need answers!

    A local blog 2urbangirls.com has over 6,000 hits on their story in 2 days and you are still doing nothing. Hakim Kent was not just another statistic to pass over. He was loved
    We demand justice. Do this for his family.
    Please do this for the community & all of us

    Thank you for your time

  9. Travel across the country and here working and hanging with him, truly will be missing the laughs and smile. R.I.P my brother.

  10. Hakim was the King! I Need one of your head shakes & “What the Fuck’s” when someone said something stupid right now
    I would laugh all day

    Gonna miss you brother. I got you, when we can roll one up together again one day….
    You gotta do it though haha ❤️

  11. Over 6k views and 13 comments…. This site was the first to release his name and pretty much the first to report his murder. My replies keep getting deleted or not approved. He was my fuckin first cousin and I want answers. Someone knows something…someone somewhere has footage of this hit or the events leading up to it. Those involved in this are fucking cowards…you lured my cousin in with a familiar face and then shot him in the back. You couldn’t face him like a man and handle your beef straight up.

  12. Someone somewhere saw something and I am damn sure there is some surveillance footage of his murder or the events leading up to it. I do not believe this to be random or a robbery. This was a hit.
    We will find you….

  13. My childhood friend this hurts. I miss smoking good weed with this brother

  14. Hakeem & I worked on a show for Netflix at the start of 2020. What a loss of young talent. Rest in Peace Hakeem.

  15. My brother hakim ?? Rest in paradise bro. Still to young to leave this earth it’s not fair ?????? I remember at work we celebrated my 25th bday at Olive Garden with the rest of the 728 crew ?? This shit is sad … The last text message I sent you was sent with homie love and now my homies gone … can’t believe it . See you in heaven brother ! Much respect Hakim

  16. This is so sad I worked with him on two shows and he was always nice. I’m praying for his mom. This is crazy.

  17. Hakeem was a really good electrician and a friend. We were just on a show (upshaws) together when covid hit. Rip Hakeem I’ll remember you, we will miss you

  18. He was on my crew what a good guy….. God bless you Hakeem..

    1. He was a good guy! 728 lost a great brother… he will be missed.

  19. That was my mf first cousin. It didn’t matter what hood and color he rep’d that’s family no matter what…palm springs coming believe that

    1. Someone somewhere saw something and I am damn sure there is video footage of it happening cousin. We will find out who did this and then…..

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