Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

7 thoughts on “Inglewood receives 1,275 COVID-19 Debit Card, and 275 Rent Relief Program applications

  1. This program is complete rip off of tax payers. James Butts, Alex Padilla and others at the city are once again mismanaging public funds. James Butts and the entire City of Inglewood management bring shame to our city.

    To those who need help, lobby Maxine Waters. She (and others in her party) are preventing the administration from moving forward on projects that get you help. Regardless of who the president is and your views on the matter, our Country needs a real intervention to help people. Not this fraud. Go out and vote for change this year.

      1. Just like the Housing program, this is only for those who will give James Butts it’s a kickback. James Butts, Alex Padilla and the rest of the city management bring shame to our City.

  2. I applied for both and so far I’m on pins and needles hoping something breaks soon,I’m a senior
    And live on 871.00 and my rent is 790.00 ,and being disabled also is a draw back .I signed up with the senior employment program ,but COVID has stopped me in my tracks.I was calling the one stop office so much I was being a pan in the but ,I qualified for all the programs in my city but as we know my case is the norm, and we are all in the same boat.so it would probably take a miracle to get picked, but I trust god that he will make way.

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