Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Inglewood quietly disbands police oversight commission while crime continues to increase

  1. It’s not the people of this great city Inglewood ..it’s not it’s the ignorant…mad and have insecurities about who they are Or what they have become..in westmont…athens area …ie….them close to imperial..back over there on WESTERN…..that’s has some evil issue with guys in this city that we love …believe or not do you still understand that have parents ..grandparents..that have hit paydirt according to the property value …why in the hell would we mess that up…not being uppity …we always took pride in our city..even our park circles..let the police declare war with those evil murderers…. help us protect our kids…and talk the kids that live here and love it here…ask them…kids talk…and the streets……in 90305…zip code we love each other because respect and care for people and our communities…there only 2 schools in the zip code..old freeman…elem…and lane that’s been changed to freeman…..we love our homes and parks …all of them…every one of them…truth be told

  2. Inglewood residents MayorButts and city council has all residents at risk/DEMAND UPDATE DAILY THRU CITY HALL AND ONLINE/ CALL 1 310 412 5300 THERE IS A NATIONAL THREAT/ LOCAL ALSO

  3. It really makes me so Angry that these idiots are STILL killing each other. What about “BLACK LIVES MATTER”?? They say that when the police kill someone, but what about them!!!Doesn’t it MATTER then?? They are so IGNORANT!! That person you killed is gone and the ones left behind are the ones who suffer! How many more kids have to grow up without a father? How many more parents have to cry of a broken heart? Do you even have a conscience??
    I lost my 22 year old son (9/29/99) to a SENSELESS shooting and my family is STILL HURTING!! I haven’t missed a day that I don’t think about him!! Yes,I still HURT and I still get ANGRY everytime I hear about this kind of ignorance!!

    1. When residents wake up and demand new leadership/march/picket/make good noise/ORGANIZE/petition for change/be vocal at all council meetings/ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL

    2. Greetings Ms. Johnson. I deeply sorry about the loss of your son , I feel your pain in your text. I can relate, I too lost my son in 2017. It took 36 hours to bring him in this world, and in less than a minute he was gone at the hands of his own peers, not a stranger that entered neighborhood, not the Klan, not the police, not a Mexican gang, his own that he grew up with possibly share some of the same life goals, young and dreamers, but somewhere someone lost his vision and stole my sons vision while he befriended them! Yes, does Black Lives Matter only in the case of lets create a race issue! We show no value to our own, the only culture of people that I know of in my 60 plus years that practices self hate, community pillaging, and mass black genocide! There will be no awaking! Where there is no vision, all possibilities of hope fails! Please know that there is one hope that can not be taken , and that is God does promise a resurrection. This promised hope is found at Acts 24:15, so he is resting temporarily! Does that take away the pain, no, but it gives us an assured expectation of what no one can take from your son again, and that is life everlasting on earth in paradisiac conditions! If you want to know more about Gods promises such as a life without sickness, death, pain, violence, you may visit JW. Org. All my best to your never ending healing process! Over time we just develop stronger coping skills. Kindest, Cherie.

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