Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Inglewood property owner proves 2UrbanGirls right

  1. It is what it is… The Harbor raised me and INGLEWOODS paying me. All I see are complainers who STILL, after 2.5 years of moving in ?, would rather sit and argue on facebook, than get their shit together, make better choices with their lives so they can stay in the new and improved……. I-WOOOOOOD!

    1. Anyone “PROUD” of their role in displacing elderly and disadvantaged from homes is a morally depraved character.
      “NEW” gets old as soon as another comes along. More expensive does not mean improved it means more expensive. My typewriter still works – can you say the same for your Commadore 64.?? Oops to young to get that reference?
      Owners or contractors who chain lock doors and create fire hazards while the legal process continues should find themselves behind locked doors . City Officials who make this possible should likewise be removed from office and share those small concrete spaces with those they helped hurt others.
      Count yourself privileged to have had the opportunity of making choices. Not all have the same choices whether because their school system failed, they have physical limitations or here’s a concept they became elderly – NEWS FLASH even wealthy have physical limitations as they age and not all ailments can be cured with all the finances in the world.
      Anyone over 65 living on their social security (the elderly) without a college degree worked hard everyday for wages that by 1970 were a whopping $1.65 minimum per hour until they got a raise or promotion.
      So Mister Full Of Pride perhaps you can provide classes on making “choices” so those who have survived thus far can glean from your expert wisdom on how to stretch that giant $800.00 a month social security allotment.
      Keep this thought in mind as you become elderly:
      When your knees have trouble bending, your back hurts whether standing or sitting, your eyes begin to see only haze, your castles crumble and fortunes turn to loss…the thing you will be remembered for is how poorly you have spoken of and treated others.
      Perhaps you should Invest in a copy of Aesop’s Fables
      People are truly much more important than things .

  2. So what’s the point? You don’t like the massive remodel that was completed? It was a piece of crap, roach infested prostitute house. We have to improve our city. We start one step at a time.

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