Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Inglewood parents were hoodwinked and bamboozled by the Equity in Education Committee

  1. Are these representatives, Mr. Bowers and previous IUSD employees put his/her interest of where is the money going to create more charter schools. In a 2010 New York Times article titled Charter Schools’ New Cheerleaders: Financiers, reporters Tripp Gabriel and Jennifer Medina wrote the following about what was going on in the state of New York: “Wall Street has always put its money where its interests and beliefs lie. But it is far less common that so many financial heavyweights would adopt a social cause like charter schools and advance it with a laser like focus in the political realm…” Wall Street banks had become such big proponents of charter schools and had gotten involved in their development. Will this be like the housing bubble [educational bubble]. Our government is not seeing the educational bubble forecast since tax payers are putting more of the money. What could happen if the investors who put up the money “to build charter schools get to basically or virtually double their money in seven years through a thirty-nine percent tax credit from the federal government. In addition, this is a tax credit on money that they’re lending, so they’re also collecting interest on the loans as well as getting the thirty-nine percent tax credit. They piggy-back the tax credit on other kinds of federal tax credits like historic preservation or job creation or brownfields credits.”

    1. What we do know is the Department of Education gives up to $500k for new charter schools. The State of CA was also a recipient of nearly $51 million dollars to advance public school options. The grants run from 2010-2015. However, parents wanted vouchers to pick the school of their choice, not be forced to enroll in a charter that doesn’t adhere to the same Ed. Code as public schools.

      These individuals supporting charter schools, in the case of Inglewood, only care about getting their hands on the lucrative Measure GG funds they championed so hard for.

      Urban Girl

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