Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

4 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor was “concerned” about council colleagues retirement

  1. Yes oh yes that is why for years it has been said there are no elected in Inglewood only those who were “selected” by non-resident campaign manipulators.. Have you ever paid attention to where that group that puts out fancy campaign brochures gets the money to pay for printing and postage? And check out the shenanigans pulled when voters think before casting the vote for the glossy print candidate —— Isadore Hall and Albert Robles both will continue to have taxpayer paid employment even after voters said enough!
    So let’s all pray the new DA finds the drawer with all the evidence to prove our complaints were not made up ,…. And he actually prosecutes the corrupt politicians

  2. Once again, Compton all over again. Current City Manager Craig Cornwell held the position of City Attorney previously. The Compton city charter says an elected official must be out of office one year before moving to an administration position. Council voted him in anyway. Then his successor, current acting City Attorney, Damon Brown, registered to vote at the end of July and two weeks later was “appointed” his position with the appointment to take place two weeks later because the city has a one-month residency clause. The powers that be circumventing the law to keep and consolidate their power. We see you Inglewood and we raise you one.

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