Sat. Sep 19th, 2020

9 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor to strip duties from city’s treasurer

    1. Bad precedent set when you have elected officials attempting to manipulate others and if he goes through with this he and this council should officially be recalled

  1. Mayor Butts you must be related to Donald Trump….stop all this nonsense. You are a total jerk and a big joke.
    May God have mercy on your evil soul🙏

  2. Butts’ actions are out of control. I will not vote for Butts for re-election nor any of the current officers(except treasurer) or council members. Our Mayor, city manager etc and council members are corrupt and appears they are lining their pockets with our money (wages are way too much for what they do). Mayor Butts is not a dictator, it’s supposed to be a democracy and we citizens cannot stand for this behavior!

    1. Just looking at how Mayor Garcetti has only tried to aid people during COVID-19 with food and Shelter and then seeming the butt Butts has only turned his back on Inglewood. Is truly sad He is the worse . His girlfriend with that scandal and now another

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