Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

7 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor to explore reducing treasurer’s salary

  1. Mayor Butts was referred to as the Police Chief in two posts. Let’s be clear, he held that position in Santa Monica, not in Inglewood. His highest law enforcement position in this town was Deputy Chief.
    Just setting the record straight for those who may not know.
    – Rather not give my name –

  2. Let me begin by thanking 2urbangirls for the fantastic work they continue to do by shining a light on the criminal and corruptive actions of the current Inglewood government. First, I am absolutely ashamed as a Black man to witness our current mayor (and former law enforcement chief) attempt to denigrate and tear down our esteemed city treasurer Ms. Wanda Brown, a Black woman. Ms. Brown has faithfully, FAITHFULLY, served the city of Inglewood for decades in a professional and fiscally responsible manner…and yet the mayor attempts to try and bring her down in every way he can possibly think of. This sort of activity reminds me of the current occupant in the white house as they both are using the same thug tactics, stupidity, and self-preserving decision making skills to increase their own standings to tear down anyone who does not fall in line.

    Unfortunately, Mayor Butts is not alone in creating this morass of what is called the governance of Inglewood. Truly the actions and conduct of the mayor is not only the height of stupidity, but it is on a basic level criminal. Not only has he made Inglewood a laughing stock of the county, but the current city council has contributed to this effort as well, because they have turned a blind eye to his misdeeds. They are just as corrupt and guilty as Butts, because their silence and complicity speaks volumes. As Edmund Burke wrote in 1770 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” and we have witnessed that in our city.

    In closing, I wish Treasurer Wanda Brown good health and longevity. She seems to be the only government official in Inglewood with any semblance of leadership, morality and decency because she goes about her duties in an ethical manner incumbent with her position. It is my sincere hope that she knows there are good Inglewood citizens out there that support her efforts to keep the city fiscally responsible and transparent. To the rest of those in positions of power within the city of Inglewood, please remember that you reap what you sow. When you send those chickens out in the morning, they are going to come back home to roost sometime. Finally, I encourage the citizenry of Inglewood to follow my lead and call on your congresswoman, senators, governor and the attorney general, to step in and stop the foolishness that is now masquerading as the government of the city of Inglewood. Our current state of affairs are no different than the cities of Bell, Vernon, etc. that we’ve all seen time and time again. Let’s stop the madness that is mayor Butts and his cronies, and make Inglewood the place it once was and what it can become again…the City of Champions.

  3. DJ apparently you don’t understand that the job description is what should determine the amount paid rather than the person who holds the job title.

    THANK YOU for pointing out we should all see how much a city mayor should make or how much city council members should make !

    Let’s all check Transparent California or the state controllers web site and see how we have overpaid ALL the council members and mayor and executive management!!!!!

    A word of caution before you try to justify and compare them to Los Angeles we must also be aware each Los Angeles Council Member has a constituent base two and a half times the entire City of Inglewood or ten plus times the number of residents than each Inglewood council district!

    Someone’s brother-in-law may need or want more money to wash the car or mow the lawn but in business the task determines the pay scale not the relationship.
    *****Not understanding this basic concept is why residents of Inglewood are facing a $12 million lawsuit!

    As for Mayor Butts’ daughter’s legal issues …Did you not know it like all assaults is a matter of public record and we each have the right to attend most court proceedings …… in fact we the taxpayers are all paying for the court process. What his daughter is accused of doing is not just unladylike – surprise it is against the law to hire /persuade another to cause bodily harm in this case to her landlord! No rental dispute should be solved by violence ! And by the way this was in newspapers and on network news when it occurred.
    Yes it is embarrassing for the former Police Chief that his daughter thought she was above the law. Where on earth would she get the idea that intimidation and threats are okay?

    Out of curiosity what is it you have to gain by bringing up Dr Brown’s medical concerns?

    Our Council was among the highest paid in the south bay when Inglewood council members made $909.00 and the mayor made $1818.00 It never has been and never will genuinely be a FULLTIME job. If so how is it at least one council member still maintains a fulltime public paid job in another city?

    1. Anony, APPARENTLY you can NOT read if this is your response to my post.

      I was talking about Wanda’s JOB PERFORMANCE not job description when I said she proved she’s only worth $1404.

      Also, I did NOT say what the Mayor’s daughter is accused of doing was right or ladylike. I simply said a woman in their 70’s should not be lying on a young woman in their 30’s. Wanda said the daughter was in prison and she is NOT.

      And when it comes to Wanda’s cancer, I made a VALID STATEMENT by saying I would THINK someone with cancer would be more focused on their health.

      I know I would be.

  4. Wanda Brown really showed how vindictive and hateful of a woman she is during today’s City Council meeting.

    She is an embarrassment to herself and Inglewood.

    Bringing up and telling a lie about the Mayor’s daughter was unprofessional and uncalled for.

    Wanda is in her late 70’s and she should be ashamed of herself for attacking a young woman in her 30’s.

    She gained absolutely nothing by talking about the Mayor’s daughter.

    I would think someone who is battling cancer would be more focused on their health than acting so ugly.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for Wanda at this point.

    In fact, I agree the extra responsibilities and money she was given should be shifted back to the finance department because she’s clearly not doing a good job.

    Today, Wanda really proved she’s only worth $1404 per month.

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