Fri. Jul 30th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor supports defunding of police officers

  1. This defunding comment was as a member of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency not as Mayor of the City of Inglewood where Butts and Co have rewarded the chief of Police handsomely.
    See Transparent California for the sad reality!

    Consider also this same group of 5 elected chose to SHRED Police records regarding Use of Force and Officer Involved Shootings in just before Christmas break in December 2018 just before a new state law allowing public access!

    Police Officer records should be kept even if the officer goes to another agency, perhaps destruction was so important because those promoted to training or command positions have behavior unbecoming in their backgrounds ! Or perhaps the records reflect the investigations were less than thorough ! In any case they will not be available to prove a pattern of Abuse of Power thanks to the actions of five elected

  2. The Mayor is a ex-corrupt cop and a current clown. He must have the receipts on everyone else’s dirty little secrets because he survives scandal after scandal. Thank you @2urbangirls for illuminating his consistent mismanagement and overall ineptitude. He really said police reforms would be cheaper than the structural societal changes wanted, needed and proven to improve quality of life for residents (which ultimately benefits/improves the city). Defunding the police instantly provides the city with the funds to properly fund starved community services, but he rather continue to criminalize and punish those who suffer most from the consequences of his dereliction of duty to the PEOPLE.

    1. Great. Will there also be a signed pledge from all non-police residents that they will also not be criminal offenders and model citizens?

  3. Inglewood will thrive only with new leadership and administration/community very stable/supportive however can not be heard/working residents can not attend 2PM council meetings ordered by Mayor Butts/ residents never voted on stadium nor arena or obscene salaries of councilmembers/Mayor SMH chief Seabrooks reformed the police department many years ago and prevented a JUSTICE DEPARTMENT DECREEE ON BALANCE INGLEWOOD POLICE DEPARTMENT IS THE BEST IN THE SOUTH BAY/ MAYOR BUTTS AND THE 4 TURKEYS MUST GO/ MUST HAVE FINANCIAL AUDIT

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