Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

20 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor suffers heart attack

  1. I’m not going to specifically comment on Butts’ “cardiac event,” because… well, he’s a disgrace. However, I am going to congratulate “2urbangirls” for again being out front in reporting important stories that are relevant to Inglewood’s residents. When, time after time, multi million dollar media outlets cite 2urbangirls stories, they’re doing a good job.

    1. Media is not interested in Inglewood/South central/East l A or minority communities/considered non news worthy unless crime/marching/political push back/ Butts is the fall guy/politically naive /not justified just a explanation/ Inglewood has always been the most corrupt city west of the Mississippi/Jimmy just drank the kool aid like JIM JONES FOLKS/ Get well Jimmey Butts and talk

  2. Hmmm
    Inglewood residents with Heart Events who call 911 are told they will only be transported to Centinela Hospital – Butts was transported to UCLA……..

    The “Health-grades.com” rating of Centinela Hospital plastered on billboards across our city are???
    Oh that’s right an those are advertisements…….and then there are the wonderful website reviews and awards to DANIEL FREEMAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL for 2020 their work! Oops !!!! No one at Healthgrades noticed or cared when notified that DFMH has been closed hasn’t had any patients for nearly 20 years ……?

    In an emergency it doesn’t look like city hall has confidence in the Hospital they claim can handle all the future Stadium emergency needs. Wow doesn’t that speak volumes .!

    “Healthcare” should be more than an advertisement , political babble, or a money-making business for the privileged,

      1. Centinela Hospital is the WORST HOSPITAL EVER..!!! I got facts they broke my Brother Hands squeezing it because they didn’t want to clean him from bed accidents

    1. Mayor Butts all things are possible/ God is in control/ALWAYS WALK BY FAITH/ THIS TOO WILL PASS

  3. Just like corrupt Trump when he knew the world saw through his BS; he leaked that he had COVID, Butt’s evilness is catching up with him.
    Butt’s get ready to meet your maker well it be in Hell or Jail!

  4. I worked with James when he was a patrol officer with Inglewood PD in the 80’s. Hope he comes out OK.

    1. Oh ye of apparently no faith,

      “Karma” is a short cut way of saying “what you sow is what you reap”,
      as in doing good to others “we ought to treat others as we would want them to treat ourselves”. (No not sweetheart/back room deals but fair and just contracts).
      Another way of looking at is when you plant a lemon tree don’t expect to harvest sweet bing cherries from that tree.

      Unfortunately faith has gotten a bad rap in recent years and some forget that while children believe it is Santa who keeps track of who is naughty and nice – all seven major world faiths teach the importance of kindness and love (not sex) for all living beings and that a higher power is aware of our interactions and our motivations for how we treat others.

      Throughout his public life it seems this self-serving man has forgotten the simple tenant of all faiths, choosing instead to ridicule, insult and degrade any who do not lift up his name as the greatest among all men.

      Perhaps the years of abusing his body and other beings created a stress on the cardiac muscles/cells …..or perhaps the Maker of the Universe needed to provide this man with a subtle truth to know life is not in his own control and life is more important than a title, money, or even a photo with a billionaire or any of the sports jocks .

      Let us not be surprised if the wanna be king has no change of behavior for not even the very skilled UCLA medical surgeons can insert an emotional “heart” in a malfunctioning pulmonary cavity !

    1. Inglewood residents should all get a extra $1k stimulus check for having to put up with this mess

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