Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

2 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor raises over $100,000 in first half of 2021 for re-election bid

  1. Has Jimmy Butts decided all residents need to be replaced with wealthier ones ? says:

    Really interesting the ARYAN GROUP wants to join the Billionaire Build out….page 4 ?

    Anyone one wanna bet a pizza they don’t already have the site they wanted mapped out for JIMMIE to tell Georgie,Alex, Eloy and Dionne to declare under utilized?

    Could it be the Aryan Group has already drawn up their unrevealed (to us) plan ? Is that what we can expect along the 405 where the proposed zoning map has no definitive graphic plan as the Crenshaw and Imperial shopping center destruction? Will the planning commissioner pretend they have no idea why but are going to vote for the changes anyway at the Oct 6 Planning Commission meeting ?(Chairperson Larry Springs)

    Perhaps we should all interview eminent domain attorneys right now.

    Anyone think the developers would agree on a simple trade their home for ours?

    If Gavin the Governor signs SB10, could it be each house that goes up for sale will be purchased by a multi-millionaire and turned into a 14 unit air B&B?

  2. Thank You for letting us see for ourselves !


    EVERYONE should be talking about this with EVERYONE they know.

    Ask some hard questions
    Why do so many millionaires who lives out of town care who WE VOTE for to be out Mayor ??
    Notice that was Millionaires in addition to the 2 Billionaires everyone knows about!!!

    Scroll down see who gave Jimmie $50,000.00 and ask yourself if he wants you to be his neighbor
    Or if you think he will be designing a home for any of our neighbors

    James Butts has
    By moving meetings to day time only,
    by calling special meetings without required notice,
    by intimidating those who speak out,
    by cutting off microphones ,
    by posting the wrong call in phone numbers

    James Butts
    Has attempted to silence our elected Treasurer
    Has frivolously spent our money for his pleasure
    Has used our car as if it was his own and turned on a red light injuring others

    James Butts sued a residents under false pretenses

    James Butts has lied about us having voted for the Stadium he pushed through for Stan Kroenke

    No one with this track record should be supported by anyone – no, not even the four puppets

    Let’s stop being silent and send a LOUD NO MORE

    Tell the Billionaires and Millionaires to pay for the improvements James Butts wants to tax us for.

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