Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

1 thought on “Inglewood mayor pens “dear resident” letter admitting City is failing to keep residents properly informed

  1. HMMM Claiming others give misinformation – this from the guy who says Miranda warnings don’t matter, and that City Council meetings are protected by copyright .. Delusion must be a very sad life.

    The Mayor of any city CAN NOT DIRECT METRO to do or not do anything. JT Butts is one and one of the equal in value metro members… But if that were true it should have never been a part of possibility since he has been a member and chairperson while this plan and grant money was given to the city. Is he admitting to spending tax dollars just to spend no matter the source or unneeded reason?

    It is the city council Aka The BUTT TEAM and ONLY the BUTT TEAM that votes to change Inglewood zoning !

    That action should take place during a city council meeting which is required by law to provide complete staff reports to the public for review and permit public testimony. That agenda item decision should only take place AFTER the Planning Commission makes recommendations having conducted equally well noticed public meetings where resident concerns are considered and adjustments needed in response to public input .

    THERE should be no HE DIRECTED in the entire process – HE is one of FIVE council votes which should use their own judgement and be independently !! Inglewood should never function at the direction of one man.

    ALL DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE ON THE CITY WEBSITE AND AVAILABLE IN LIBRARIES FOR THOSE WITHOUT INTERNET !!! – No one should have to track down developer websites or try to figure out how many agencies are involved or what name future developers are using ie Murphy’s Bowl, IBEC, Intuit Center. (All these are the basketball project area). We are paying several people very well for their Information Technology skills.

    Item 4 OMG what BS – once the research study is approved and the future design encouraged means the Planning department will only approve that which agrees with the new LAND USE REGULATION !! That is why it is called regulation not suggestion!

    Inclusion in a plan area may impact future ability to get bank loans as with the redevelopment areas – if the bank knows your property may soon become someone else’s bulldozed land they will not provide loans for remodeling Yep that is how the CITY CREATES BLIGHT giving them an opportunity for declaring need for “acquisition” .

    ITEM 9 : Notice the evasive doublespeak/redirection of the question !! THE CITY MAY NOT BE ENTIRELY “FINANCING” therefore “building” affordable housing but the city will give tax credits to private developers who promise to reserve 5 % of their units for affordable units. The city has several high rise high density complexes working their way through the system . CHECK HIS CAMPAIGN donations!!!

    Do you think Artie Tavangarian of the Arya Group is donating. $50,000.00 to Jimmie so Jimmie can buy a new outfit to wear when he goes to a football game !!!!! Why do you think Jeffery Balash of the Comstock Investors is donating money to Inglewood candidates ?

    Item 12 What a #&*% of a response – the outreach was a postcard (not mailable) size “Notice” which was only seen on the table in the 9 th floor foyer of city hall the same week as the meetings. The grand “out-reach” was a total of 3 meetings one at the Veterans Housing, one at Kew Bennet, and one at the same Church involved in that taxpayer provided $18 million dollar FORGIVEN LOAN so that the Billionaire James Dolan could refurbish the Forum.
    Most in attendance were the paid-to-be-there city staff and the paid by City Contract members of the ARROYO GROUP. General public was less than 20 at the westchester meeting and fewer than 15 at the Kew Bennet meeting.

    Is is possible this man has a limited interest or ability to tell the truth?

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