Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor outlines ordinance addressing rental protections during local emergency

  1. Where in the hell are Inglewood residents?the city is being sold out and facing serious finance problems/get involved/Call CITY HALL NOW THIS COUNCIL AND MAYOR BUTTS MUST BE HELD RESPONSIBLE

  2. Butts is pre empted by state law/ he is talking B S and is out of tune as a 1 man band with 4 turkeys

  3. Mayor Butts is a puppet and can not relate to Inglewood residents/he could not run a hot dog stand/he bought Dotson and Padilla elections with $125.000 loans to each/selected and elected by developers/Stonebridge group/Wal Mart/ to obtain Zone changes/overlays/infrastructure or what is needed for plans/so he is dancing like bojangels/sometimes we must understand KKK decisions and lift the HOODS all different races/ WE MUST DEMAND 7PM COUNCIL MEETINGS FOR WORKING RESIDENTS TO BE HEARD/ INGLEWOOD IS IN DEBT OVER $1BILLION LONG TERM BONDS/ YET HE LIES/THROW HIS DUMB CORRUPTED AZZ OUT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY/ BLM COME TO inglewood

  4. The City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and now Long Beach and Irvine are offering rental assistance to their residents. Inglewood residents are suffering and on the verge of losing or being pushed out of our homes as rents continue to skyrocket pushing us out for more “affluent” residents. Inglewood has billionaires investing in the stadium, venues, and arenas so why cant the mayor negotiate some type of rental assistance with them? Executive Order No. 20-10 only delays rent. With no jobs how are people expected to save enough to pay that rent when the 6 months are up if we don’t have 1 month rent now? If he has an issue with tax revenue maybe he should have negotiated a better deal with his billionaire buddies and the other people he’s catering to. It’s not the residents of Inglewood that’s for sure. We need rental assistance and better paying jobs IN INGLEWOOD that actually pay a wage that allows us to STAY in the City of Inglewood.

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