Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

2 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor labels George Floyd rally’s as a “public benefit” to justify payment to radio jock

  1. When the four puppets decided to worship this wanna be god, they decided our tax dollars were their cookie jar.

    It is long past time for this community to say goodbye to ALL the council members, the city clerk who seems to only be interested in collecting a pension and putting her deputy in office .

    Neither Horton or her wanna be replacement have shown the slightest interest in job performance.

    The Council members should have made it clear to the clerks office that minutes of meetings are important and that failure to prepare them is not acceptable.

    Amazing lack of priorities as to how tax dollars are being spent –
    Consultant fees because we hire friends rather than qualified.
    Settlement agreements to pay off employees Unwilling to be part of the corruption
    Massive overtime dollars for police rather than proper scheduling
    Outrageous attorney fees to get rid of residents to please Ballmer
    Excessive Public relations contracts for personal promotion
    Take home vehicles for those who should use their own vehicles to get to and from work
    Potentially Literally MILLIONS for inappropriate relationship entanglements

    How our tax dollars are spent is important ,Self promotion should not be community priority.

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