Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

6 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor facing second lawsuit related to sexual harassment of another city employee

  1. How can any resident be surprised ?

    How sad residents will do without services to pay for even more legal fees and settlements.

    From the public insulting of the former female council member, the verbal attacks on female residents voicing their concerns , belittling of employees who attempted to bring awareness of city finance issues, openly abusing his “position” by decreasing another duly elected’s ability to perform her duties (and reducing her salary), eliminating the public opportunity to address the council without taking a day off from work, making of a false claim that public meeting recordings are copyright protected, FALSELY claiming that by signing the stadium petition residents showed their desire to support a stadium rather than wanting the opportunity to vote IF they wanted a stadium and having that PUBLIC DOCUMENT DESTROYED, claiming he never suggested a tech company wanted the city redevelopment properties he originally negotiated to award to the Forum and since caused great legal expense to award to those for a basketball arena, Butts has openly displayed his view that others only exist to please him and those who do not shout his greatness are worthy of retaliation.

    He has surrounded himself with those that will look the other way and claim sweet ignorance (including the usually loud Congresswoman) and/ or those who offer him constant accolades and admiration in exchange for large compensation packages, contracts, or commission appointments.

    The only surprise residents should have is how there can be women in the wings who find this personality type remotely tolerable …..but then again Eva Braun was willing to be with the man who celebrated himself unto death.

    Sadly Some will support all manner of corruption.

  2. I’m surprised @CityofInglewood residents aren’t asking @MayorOfLA @EricGarcetti, @RepMaxineWaters, @Steven_Ballmer, @dionne_faulk, @AsmAutumnBurke, @HollyJMitchell, @SteveBradford, the @GirlScoutsLA and all the @metrolosangeles board members why they have not #DENOUNCED Mayor Butts sexual predatory and bully behavior and demanded his #RESIGNATION.

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy LOUDMOUTH MAXINE is being quiet?

  3. Let’s not forget before Mayor Butts was accused of sexually assaulting women at City Hall and bullying the city treasurer, Mayor Butts was accused of sexually assaulting his 6 year old daughter and choking his ex-wife until she lost consciousness.

    Check out these @LATimes links.



    Makes you think those claims from back in the day are #TRUE!

    Of course Butts denied them!

    1. politics is a B//// makes many strange bedfellows gender not important

  4. Word has it the Jane Doe Carl Douglas is representing was sexually ASSAULTED in Mayor Butts 9th floor office and at his house in 2020.

    Butts demanded she rub his feet, perform sexual acts on him, have unprotected sex with him and agree to hypnosis.

    And Jane Doe’s claim says Butts took a promised job away from her after she mentioned a story posted on 2UrbanGirls about Butts being sexually involved with other women who work at City Hall.

    Jane Doe says Butts told her in advance everything he was going to do to bully city treasurer Wanda Brown, like deactivate her ID, restrict city hall access and lower her salary.

    Jane Doe’s claim even says Butts told her he hired a private investigator to follow Wanda Brown and her assistant after Wanda said things about him and the city’s finances during city council meetings.

    When are Inglewood voters going to wise up and stop supporting and voting for Mayor Butts and the city council members who enable Butts’ bully and sexually predatory behavior?

  5. OMG!!! And the elected officials are asking New York Governor Andrew Como to resign without one lawsuit filed against him.
    Yet we have Mayor Butts who has two lawsuits file with a third on the way; where is the outrage asking him to resign????????‍♂️

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