Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

3 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor details blueprint for how he retaliates against those who challenge him

    1. –The City Council meeting is no place for an employee to argue a personal grievance. the City has a procedure to handle grievances.

      — The salaries mentioned appear to be excessive. I think the salaries of officers and employees should be reviewed and compares with other government bodies.

      –Butts has always been grumpy
      –Brown suck her way in the position of Treasurer many years ago — she always been snotty too

      1. The position of City Treasurer is elected for a term of 4 years.

        if you think these are excessive please go to Transparent California and see how much OUR other employees are making !!

        It is mind boggling that Butts thinks the top sept should get bonuses on top of excessive salaries

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