Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor defends construction of automated people mover

  1. Because the Billionaires are giving Jimmie money, he wants the residents of Inglewood to but the Billionaires a fancy new-age choo choo train ?
    So Now we are to be Santa Claus and stuff Stan and Stevie’s stockings ?

  2. LAX is already building an APM. They should just extend that eastward. It would give LAX workers in Inglewood an easy way to get to work.

    1. Really Preexisting business should loose their businesses for the relatively few employees of LAX ? Wow how insulting to anyone who has worked hard to create a means for others to feed their families .

      1. How will that hurt businesses? It’s taking a transit line and extending it one and a half miles east. Butts’ plan is insane, building a new system from scratch. Businesses rely on workers and customers, who often use transit. But it has to be a meaningful, useful transit line, not just one that goes to SoFi only.

          1. Century Blvd. is currently off the table due to the 405 crossing. Beacuse of the significant costs for building a bridge over 405, and the challneges that would be had obtaining approvals, it would make the project totally infeasible. That is one of the main drivers for the APM connecting at Market St.

        1. Who will pay the businesses when the customers can not get to the front door because of construction. (Think Crenshaw Blvd near Leimert Park).

          Most people will not get off at a stop go down to the street level to find a small established business. They will arrive at Florence and La Brea, go to the sports venue and then the fastest way home..

          Newsflash Read up on what Butts wants to change the city into HIGH-RISE HIGH- END MIXED USE aka Playa Vista.

          Transit Oriented Developers begin with money for politicians and the the Bulldozers move in.

        2. Meaningless Transit is not new to Inglewood !

          Consider that multi million dollar waste of tax dollars on the odd shaped lot near Hillcrest and Market designed and built as the Bus Transit Center. And oh the ceremony for the ground breaking !

          Oh the fantasy sold to the gullible was so well promoted… and yet it Never ever opened after giving significant tax dollars for studies, consultants, and contractors. But it looks pretty doesn’t it?

          Who did it serve?
          Simple answer would be check the prior campaign contribution forms and connect the dots.

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