Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

25 thoughts on “Inglewood mayor, city named in new lawsuit

  1. Just stumbled on 2urbangirls and love the local content! Can someone tell me when the next election for Mayor of Inglewood is? It’s time we move on from this local corruption. I am sad to say I voted for Mayor Butts last time ignorantly not aware of all his drama with women and otherwise. I am hoping some respectable candidates step up to the plate that I can get behind. It’s time to oust Ralph Franklin also in District 4 I’m not seeing him doing anything for our District – am I missing something with him?

  2. Same shit from this scum bag ,just a different day , I feel for ms brown and
    Melody . But just like trump he can be removed also. I’m praying for that .God sits up high and looks down low
    And we know one thing he never fail
    God will fix it .👿👿🤬🤬🙏🏾🙏🏾

    1. I don’t believe it’s about renters. What I do find deplorable that not only resident’s have to foot the bill for the Mayor’s legal fee’s but also the eventual settlement of this case.

      The question begins is this is what we’ve stooped to as a community?

      The allegations beyond the sexual affair are disturbing within themselves.

      I mean we can debate about two consenting adults in a sexual relationship but what we can’t advocate and allow is elected officials to stalk women, track their vehicles with tracking devices and think that’s cool.

      This isn’t the first person whom accused tbe Mayor of this bullying and intimidating behavior.

      Wanda the City Clerk did the same thing.

      The Mayor’s acts are criminal and using childish logic as being a homeowner or pitting renters vs homeowners is foolish

      1. really!! there are always two sides to a story. In this story lies the truth and Melanie, aka, habitual liar sleep her way into a job and then file a lawsuit when she’s done playing because she thinks she’s found her next pot of gold in the next guy she meets. wait until you hear the facts and nothing but the facts before you place judgment.

        1. Hold on. Mayor Butts knew her history with 100 Black Men of LA and still brought her into the fold. The city manager has to explain why he gifted the mayors girlfriend taxpayer money in exchange for pleasuring him.


        2. The Mayor’s actions exposed the residents to this.

          He is not a victim.

          In fact his behavior in manipulative and narcissistic

    2. Yes anytime an employee has to file a lawsuit due to harassment in the workplace there is a degree of stupidity ! Wise companies maintain rules that office doors should not be closed if only two persons are in a meeting, or changed the doors to have see through panels.

      There should NEVER be a situation where harassment is a possibility , nor should there be a situation where retaliation is possible because NEWSFLASH —AT NO TIME should an employee : 1) be hired, promoted, granted bonuses, or have a job created for them because of sexual relationship ! 2) be involved in a relationship with the person the report to

      The desperate one in this experience is the hopeless man who can not find a loving relationship where his sexual desires are met (AKA his own marriage partner ) and resorts to using other peoples money to pay for the attention he craves.

      As for the cost, It is the tax paying residents (both renter and property owners), who are and have been paying for the relationship in the form of less service !! Each dollar that the “secretary /assistant “ was given above traditional pay should have been spent on services that benefit the community (ie maintenance, repair, landscaping, youth /senior services) instead of stroking one man‘s ego!! See Transparent California for the actual cash loss so far.

      Clearly the other council members, City Manager, and Human Resources director have failed to serve the community. By permitting the Mayor to use even one tax dollar to pay for his personal pleasure they proved they will not accept their responsibility and should not be in a position of authority over any city dollars. That we re-elect any of these persons we are showing we are indeed foolish.

      Indeed one desperate man’s inability to control his zipper has created a very ugly situation and that some still praise him makes them look stupid.

  3. Give your real name/+Butts is taking the heat for a corrupt administration/council/incompetent staff/bad choices/ATWELL/ESPARZA/FIELDS ALL INCOMPETENT/ CITY NEEDS A LINE OF CREDIT BECAUSE OF CASH FLOW? WAT DE F—?

  4. I disagree %100. No comparison to Donald trump!!! Waste of time with the lawsuit. Carry on. Homeowners are very happy in Inglewood 😒

      1. the only thirsty person in this article is Mayor Butts who obviously isn’t used to having his pick of women unless he’s paying for them with taxpayers money.

  5. It never ends and no accountability. There needs to be a full investigation by the new District Attorney!

      1. This not about renters- all Inglewood residents should be angry that we do without public services because one man wants to be personally “serviced” and we must pay for his lack of zipper control.

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