Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

1 thought on “Inglewood Mayor Buys Another Property in District 1

  1. Hey Melissa – Chris Robert here. Hope all is well. You certainly have been busy, which is always a good thing for African American entrepreneurs.

    I know you are an astute and accomplished journalist and that you would NEVER want to intentionally publish false information. The house on 82nd Street was publicly listed on MLS beginning in August, it showed “in escrow /sale pending” for a couple of months and then was listed as active again in November when then current tenants couldn’t make the deal happen. In early November (I think) it was changed to an active listing – which incidentally is how the Butts family found the house. I actually never shared with the Mayor or anyone with the City that the house was on the market as tenants at the time demonstrated every interest in purchasing – until they couldn’t come up with the down payment. Easy for you to correct and fact check as all of this is a matter of public record.

    However, should you decide not to correct, I can only assume that you are intent on publishing false information toward the goal of damaging my reputation. Which is why they are called reputations built up over a period of time.

    My work in the community for over 40 years, starting with our hiring practices at F & M, speaks for itself. Continued best.

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