Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

7 thoughts on “Inglewood is raising taxes to pay for the Transit Connector (people mover) project

  1. How is “The transit connector (people mover) is a critical component of the Clippers Arena” when it doesn’t even go to the Clippers Arena? Instead, this people mover is meant to help SoFi Stadium and its related developments as well as the Forum yet gets a complete pass from you. Why?

  2. No backup plan needed. Use the current questionable vote counting machines in Inglewatts and it’s a done deal. LOL 🐑

  3. 2 urban girls, thanks for your ongoing dissemination of important information. As to Mayor Butt’s comment that the city council and its departments are good at handling traffic, I’m calling BS. Not only does the mayor have absolutely no evidence supporting that statement, but there is overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence, that he is deliberately lying. Please see the video noted below to see that James Butt’s, his council and his parking commissioners not only do a very poor job handling traffic, but have absolutely no problem lying about how bad that traffic is, and how bad a job they’re doing. The secret removal of Inglewoods traffic lights when the Forum reopened and the dangerous traffic at the MTV Awards tells the whole story.
    Watch “Inglewood City Council turns off traffic cameras to protect Forum?” on YouTube

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