Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

1 thought on “Inglewood fails to establish Rent Board as outlined in Housing Protection Ordinance

  1. Don’t you love the graphic ?
    “We are here to help” with a picture of three young minority girls.

    Well maybe they would make better commissioners than some …..they would talk, ask “why ? “ and probably say “but what about when.”….They are so young they might actually declare “that doesn’t make sense!”

    One thing we can observe from other board appointments, if the mayor does appoint a group they more than likely will not have an independent thought

    The Board members and Commissioners are figureheads who will simply vote aye as rubber stamps, just like the city council members who recommended them , assuming they meet to cast votes at all.

    They will of course join the mayor for photo opportunities. Some of the appointed are so not involved they don’t know their name appears in documents claiming their support for the mayor’s pet projects which on occasion they know nothing about ie the people mover. But oh do they joy in learning their name is in print anywhere.

    Those few who genuinely have had specific expertise have been told their services were no longer needed after having vocalized a non-conforming opinion re entirely unrelated issues – yep knowledge and skill be damned this council demands conformity

    Several Boards have rarely met, while some have simply earned the pretend they never existed status.
    Consider the Mayor himself claimed there was no parking commission input re the city wide parking restrictions yet that is their municipal code obligation!

    Anyone remember that Police oversight board of days gone by? It ceased to meet shortly after the two sleeping in their car on Manchester Blvd lost their lives – Sad there was “no time” to wait for a negotiator why ? because of concern for morning traffic? Interestingly now every Sunday traffic is so horrid residents leave town early to avoid it. Clearly we can no longer have guests for lunch, dinner or holiday celebrations without getting permission from City Hall or without playing musical cars every two hours.

    Gone are the days community opinion is desired.

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