Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

9 thoughts on “Inglewood elected officials aren’t taking COVID-19 pandemic seriously

  1. Inglewood community must come together to thrive/ the pandemic is the top priority/council meetings must be held at 7PM/ to allow working residents access/ telephone access code incorrect to meetings/telephone number available to residents calling for info on virus and updates/ RESIDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR VIEWS HEARD/ ALL PUBLIC HEARINGS MUST BE 7PM/ this too will pass INGLEWOOD WILL BE THE JEWEL OF THE SOUTH BAY FOREVER

  2. Can someone PLEASE create some type of order that REQUIRES residents in multi-unit complexes to wear masks in parking lots and ALL common areas??? My stand-alone studio unit is next to the garbage dumpster and the recycling, and NONE of the residents in the other 5 units (including all their kids) wear masks. The only door and the only two windows I have face in that direction. I’ve literally been enclosed in my home, afraid to open my own goddamn door for airflow. If I didn’t have an A/C unit, I’d be melting indoors. I’ve been asking politely for MONTHS now. The landlord has barely put a notice to wear masks last week and NO ONE is taking this seriously!!!

  3. I personally feel that some of Inglewood Officials has sold us down the drain. Steady raising price on everything
    .rent, permits

  4. These are the same people that get elected time & again, and I’m willing to bet they’ll all be elected this time around, as well… Unfortunately, people just look for “name recognition”, or political party affiliation, and vote accordingly…

  5. They’re too busy raising residential parking permit prices and residential business permit fees …slowly pushing out the people that helped build Inglewood

  6. It appears that the elected officials are some what concern with their own mark on the City. It is the attitude the we’re experiencing from the people camped ou in the White House. They only become concerned when it affects them on a personal basis. It’s shameful.

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