Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

14 thoughts on “Inglewood councilman plans public explanation for Planning Commissioner absence

  1. Can 2Urbangirls run for city council? The seat is up now. You talk a lot but can you walk the walk? In my earlier post I was speaking about the stadium not arena (my mistake on that one) and Franklin has helped the youth in my group. You need to be in a behind closed doors meeting to really talk. Like I said before, YOU try taking on Butts’ cabinet by yourself. I bet you’d be voting yes to things you wouldn’t agree on too. Again, go after someone who actually doesn’t put any effort in whatsoever. And you’re low if all you can say is lets see if he’ll support you when he’s gone. Everyone has a right to a peaceful retirement especially with health issues. He helped us fight for a whole bunch of stuff you have no idea and if he had to do it behind closed doors and make deals with people there, then he’s apparently way more honorable than you realize. Go Sit down and stop defaming characters!

    1. So you’re saying that grown men don’t know how to say no? Is Butts behind closed doors threatening them and making them vote the way he wants them to?

  2. I support C/M Ralph Franklin. He is truly dedicated to Irving the District 4 residents. He also support multiple causes for the City. I assist him providing IUSD students to enjoy an experience at Gable House Bowl & Laser Tag during the schon session.

  3. Franklin cannot do it alone. Residents did sign petitions for arena just as they signed against it. Residents need to be more involved, make time, if they want to be heard or know all the facts. What if you remove Franklin and someone else comes in who completely supports Butts? This is putting down someone who has actually worked hard for this city. What has Dotson done exactly?

    1. Franklin hasn’t “worked hard”. The city nearly went Bankrupt under Franklin and Morales BEFORE Butts came on the scene. Franklin votes in favor of EVERY agenda item as Mayor Butts does. Despite Franklin’s posturing during council meetings, and questioning certain items, he still votes YES.

      Franklin has voted in favor of every raise and bonus given to the mayor’s former girlfriend, has done little to encourage and support our youth, and quite frankly, it’s time for new representation.

      Dotson isn’t up for re-election until 2022.

    2. Are you truly unaware or just trying to mislead – THERE WAS NO ARENA PETITION ! The “Stadium petition” – different dirt / different ball-was signed by many who believed it was for residents to vote for the OPTION “IF” we wanted a stadium NOT THAT residents wanted a stadium. Remember how WE THE RESIDENTS had the opportunity to vote “IF” WE WANTED A WALMART SHOPPING COMPLEX ?
      In case you don’t quite understand always, a-l-w -a -y -s, ALWAY voting yes is SUPPORTING the BUTTS AGENDA . Kinda like the addict who promises he will bring the next check home but somehow always stops at the casino on the way home and looses the rent money on a sure thing.
      Could it be the council voted to destroy all the stadium petition records in hopes their lie would not be caught? Or maybe the records were destroyed so we couldn’t see the connection between the originator and one of our very highly paid consultants.
      Transparent as the nice new road paved to (for) the stadium

  4. Terry has a grave illness you moron. And Franklin is thr most transparent and vocal councilman on the Council. You and this so called blog are trash.

    1. Great, we look forward to Franklin explaining why Coleman didn’t resign in enough time for a replacement to be seated. Franklin is vocal then turns around and votes YES on ALL items on the agenda, including raises and bonuses for the mayor’s girlfriend.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂

        1. If he were that ill his retirement from the commission should’ve been sooner to ensure the residents had representation during that vote. It’s unfortunate when people get sick but the city’s business still needs to be handled.

    2. It is sad that Anyone has a grave illness, however it is not the responsibility of 2 urban girls to conduct health checks on our representatives.
      Responsibilities do not end when health issues arise, responsibilities continue, once Commissioner Terry Coleman became aware of his inability to perform his tasks it was imperative (important) for Ralph to notify the residents who he was elected to represents and find a replacement. …preferably one who has figured out where city hall is and is capable of being able to evaluate contents contained in sometimes incomplete, inaccurate, and often biased staff reports, asking significant questions, recognize inadequate responses, and voting independently understanding resident’s lives are impacted.
      As for Transparency please check a dictionary – open, honest, and accountable! Why did Ralph Franklin vote to destroy police records involving officer shootings, use of excess force and sexual harassment? Why are budget meetings not conducted with real numbers where residents can ask questions? Why are council meetings held when working people can not attend?

  5. Inglewood residents must demand 7PM council meetings for working residents to be heard/Mayor Butts loaned Dotson/Padilla $ 125,000 each to get elected/not illegal but to control 3 votes/ passed ordinance to have day meetings only/only city in SOUTH BAY/ Residents never voted on stadium nor arena/ time for Franklin to be removed/residents need to get more involved and become politically astute/ SMH

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