Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

1 thought on “Inglewood city council holds special meeting possibly violating Brown Act

  1. So could it be the Billionaire’s money can not buy him everything.?
    Arithmetic is so hard-
    Mr Ballmer has an “estimated worth of $ 68,000,000,000.00” (per Forbes 2021) list.
    The Rodeway Inn is being purchased by the city for – 4,000,000.00. To give to the Clipper owner.

    Hmm, how can it be he really needs the families who qualify for free school lunches, EBT cards, and free cell phones to cough up their money and do without free park and recreation services so he can keep enough of his dollars at the ready in his bank accounts for when he dines with friends on the caviar and imported wines?
    Oh wait perhaps he did pay for that hotel after all, Was it among the several expected returns on investment when he contributed to the election campaigns of the the 5 elected who will “convey” the property to him?
    Is there anyone surprised that the public is not yet allowed to enter the building they paid for? The mayor does somehow seems to think City Hall is his castle and the council chambers is his throne room.
    What are the chances residents will someday understand to be “sold down the river” is not a good thing no matter how rich the new owner is?

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