Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Inglewood City Clerk won’t seek re-election

  1. Thank you for sharing the reality about democracy not being the Inglewood experience!

    When election integrity is not existent we can not believe that the elected represent anyone except the corrupt manipulators.

    The CITY CLERK knows as does every other city elected and employed that CITY HALL IS CLOSED EVERY OTHER FRIDAY .
    The deadline for returning nomination papers complete with signatures should have been scheduled with that in mind.

    To accept ANYONES paperwork after the “DEADLINE” SCREAMS unfair advantage !!!!

    So very sad that the upcoming Inglewood election is compromised before it is even begun,

    Let us consider who is linked to who and let FEDERAL agents know we deserve Fair elections not one which has an outcome prearranged /selected by the establishment or outsiders,

  2. One thought and two questions come to mind after reading this article. The thought is this. The biggest brouhaha that Yvonne Horton participated in during her tenure as city clerk was when she removed now mayor James Butts’ from Inglewood’s mayoral ballot in his 1st run for mayor because Butts had actually filed documentation late (with the county recorders office), making him ineligible to run, but now Horton has apparently completely ignored a deadline she herself set, to allow a friend and colleague to run for office. My questions are these. First, how could both candidates for city clerk, who we must assume are opponents, be late and need exactly one extra day to file. What a coincidence! And, were there Any other applications from Any other candidates submitted on time? Because if there were, and especially if there was only one other application filed on time, legally, we may already know who the next city clerk is going to be.

    1. Thompson said because city hall was closed Friday they had until Monday but city clerk was open Friday by appointment so there was no legal need to grant them additional time. Public records requests have been initiated for all candidates nominations which would be verifiable by time stamp of when papers were returned.

  3. Yvonne Horton’s tenure is a disgrace and shame to the City of Inglewood. Her departure is phenomenal news. It’s good to see employees with a long track record of incompetence and impropriety leave City Hall. Hopefully we’ll get a big change at all levels this year so the City has a chance to get back on track for growth. It’s incomprehensible that the authorities have failed to investigate James Butts and others like Yvonne Horton for years of blatant mismanagement.

  4. This shows Yvonne Horton is a SMART WOMAN!!! She clearly knows it is time to move on.

    Yvonne thank you for your service to the community, but I’m so glad you are smart enough not to seek reelection.

    Let’s hope WANDA BROWN follows Yvonne’s lead and does NOT run for city treasurer again!!!

    GOOD LUCK Aisha Thompson with your campaign!!

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