Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

3 thoughts on “Inglewood City Clerk getting a raise despite decrease in duties

  1. Why..? Did you ask why.?
    Anyone who wants to give a document to the city clerk which is the official office designated for receiving documents must wait outside the building until someone in the clerk’s office to gets permission from the 9th floor to receive the documents!!!!

    Essentially this City Clerk is saying I will do as told by the Mayor despite knowing my responsibility as an elected official because Mr Butts will give me more money if I only accept correspondence he likes .

    This was the person who refused to provide a copy of the wording of the Stadium petition to the public as provided by law BEFORE it was voted to be destroyed by the City Council claiming it had ALREADY BEEN destroyed.

    She and Ms Horton have done their best to disregard the of Freedom of information Act and delaying delivery of those documents until it was too late to use the information needed……

    Every employee
    Every resident
    Everyone who ever does any business with City Hall

    Anyone willing to bet it will not be as always a 5-0 vote ….

    $1,300.00 per month MORE As if living off $8,694.00 a month was making her live off bread and water. NO WONDER THEY WANT TO TAX US MORE

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