Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Inglewood City Clerk avoids doing job residents elected her to do

  1. Interesting. I submitted a form on April 8, 2021 to the Inglewood City Website requesting information regarding the deadline for candidates to file; the names of the individuals who have qualified for the ballot and the offices they seek; and the dates of the election. As of today my questions have not been answered.

  2. Wow .where else can you get a job with no educational or experience requirements while you violate the basic employment resignation rules in place about running for elected office, get someone else to do the primary responsibility of the job and get a salary increase greater then the average American and significantly greater than the community that pays for that salary on top of that ! ? No wonder the phrase she will be known for is THANK YOU MR BUTTS – now we know what she is grateful for. (85% of Inglewood students qualify for free meals because household income is so very low).

    Was anyone expecting anything different ? Wrong is wrong and wrong on steroids is still wrong all dressed up….More than likely there will be even more salary increases….but chances are slim that important “foot washing” task will actually appear in print even in these highly rewarded job descriptions?

    And since inspirational quotes were a thing Yvonne used to try to bless us with let’s consider that scripture passage about integrity in Luke 16 :11-12

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