Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

2 thoughts on “Inglewood City Attorney Ken Campos violates Constitution and 1st Amendment to suppress public comment

  1. Well, well, well At least now standard op is in print.
    Rather mind provoking in a time when Black Lives Matter and the Me Too concepts have been in the news (and in the streets) that this NEW control opposition ruling has been published which raises many issues worthy of recognizing .

    Mayor Butts (former Santa Monica Police Chief -who does not believe that Miranda warnings should be required see: Santa Monica/Miranda Warning /Supreme Court). is now on record pretty much saying Black and Brown Community Members have no right to express their opinion in public meetings will be banned from meeting attendance and will be blocked altogether from expressing anything but praise for his royal decrees and plans !
    So he has now called on us all to let him know we are not his servants / ALL RESIDENTS WORDS DO MATTER !
    This new Rule which the CITY COUNCIL as a whole has declared acceptable tells-us all that a recall is NECESSARY !!!! Our opinions should each be respected even when we disagree with each other. This new ruling is contrary to the very premise of free speech the right to protest and right to participation in OUR government !!! Let us not forget the Boston Tea Party , the words OF, BY, and FOR the PEOPLE and the many men, and women in uniform and in street clothes fought for this one premise that we are NOT TO BE KEPT SILENT !

    Let us also consider the hypocrisy of the “aforementioned “ Social Media Rules of Decorum:

    The city allows building size graphics promoting alcohol – will a stop be put to that?
    Mayor Butts has routinely spoken in derogatory fashion about elected it on “his team” ie Judge Dorn, Daniel Tabor, Mike Stevens, Judy Dunlap, recently Wanda Brown. School Board President Scorza.

    Mayor Butts has often implied/openly suggested that some are racist if they disagreed with him and claimed they only strive only to take down black men often the person was also black.

    Mayor Butts has often sat in his chair and encouraged violence against those who disagree with him and told one community member to go choke herself

    Mayor Butts and his team allowed the operating against municipal code marijuana distributors to operate in plain sight Manchester Century Market for many years even after community comments at council meetings

    Mayor Butts sued a community member when the words did not please him falsely claiming council meeting video was protected by copyright attempting to violate that community member free speech right

    Mayor Butts Clutters many City documents with Rams, SoFi, and Clipper copyrighted Logos

    Mayor Butts creates positions for and promotes women with whom he has personal involvement into those positions and uses tax dollars to handsomely reward those who go along
    The rumor has been confirmed with the twelve million dollar lawsuit from the former girlfriend!

    Overall Mayor Butts routinely “spreads misinformation” :
    council meetings can not be copyright protected,
    the stadium petition will permit residents to vote IF they want a stadium just like they voted about a Walmart ——followed by there is no need for a vote -the petition showed people wanted a stadium.
    the stadium will be privately funded but
    did not mention residents may /will be taxed to build the people mover
    tax money was used to beautify the streets leading to and from the Sports Complex(s).
    City employees will be responsible for some inside the complex maintenance

    BUTTS ALAS IS NOW OPENLY PRINTING WHO HE IS the man who wants to be God and King

  2. The Attorney General needs to file charges on the Inglewood Mayor and council. In addition, file charges in all of Compton elected and appointed staff.
    They all need to be in jail, their leadership is criminal.

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