Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

6 thoughts on “Inglewood church site of city’s 3rd homicide

  1. No matter one’s complexion, VOTERS had best wake the hell up to reality –
    Even during the most turbulent periods in late 60’s into the mid 70’s, the Los Angeles city schools with some of the roughest reputations – Washington, Dorsey, Manuel Arts, Centennial – NEVER had a”mass shooting” on any of their campuses.
    No, the big brains in charge of the LA schools are cutting the police presence on all campuses – Watch!

    1. By counting DORSEY HS among the other city schools with the roughest reputations in the “late 60’s into the mid-70’s” shows you have no personal knowledge, but are making an assumption based on Dorsey’s location. I attended and graduated from Dorsey exactly in the mid-70’s. It was hardly rough. The demographic was approximately 55% Black 40% Asian (mostly Japanese-American) and 5% Other. That’s a very loose estimate because it felt more like 50% Black & 50 %Asian-American, to me. In the mid-60’s to early 70’s, there were still white kids attending the school. Dorsey was the school for all the kids who lived in Baldwin Hills. Parents didn’t need to put theirs kids in private school unless they wanted them to go to Catholic school. There were no charter schools and LAUSD offered the best education.
      So please, stop perpetuating this stereotype of Dorsey in the 60’s to mid-70’s due to its location. Dorsey became “rough “ a decade later in the 80’s when gangs & drugs started to take over.

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