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34 thoughts on “Inglewood church continues to defy local, state mandates banning mass gatherings

  1. Those with a reply can you understand the Words coming outta my mouth, there aren’t MASS people in the building. As a job, the staff is working, the Production Staff, paid staff. There are people working in different organizations elsewhere and you’re not at those facilities protesting why is that? Stores (Target, Walmart, Starbucks), etc., are open, they wear mask and gloves and are six feet away, why are you harping on this church? People chiming in knowing nothing about what is going on saying their little meaningless comments. And He is still a Servant of God’s bringing that Word to the people, and YES, we do continue to pay our tithes and offerings. @Jessica Green, there are hundreds of empty pews, NO MASS people in the building. You’ll need to calm down with your comments. You should join in and listen to the teaching/lesson, God doesn’t want us to be fearful, Psalm 23:4, 2 Timothy 1:7, John 14:27, Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalm 139:23, 1 Peter 5:7. Read these scriptures if you feeling fearful and concerned about those in the building, we’re fine, we wear mask, gloves and sit six feet apart and there is NO Mass people in the building, No Worries. And Urban Girls you say you don’t know him personally when this is all said and done please feel free to stop by when the church is open to the PUBLIC and introduce yourselves to the Bishop, he will welcome you with open arms. God Bless you all.

  2. “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” … “Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” Psalms 105:15, KJV. “For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for him that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.

    The Lord warns us in the Bible not to do what you are doing. Goes to show you know little about God’s Word.

    1. Firstly, if the church leadership were anointed, they would follow the laws – especially in a situation like this. That said, please shut up because you’re the epitome of ignorance.

      1. Cam, I’m sure you’re following the Laws of the Land, Thanks for your thoughts, pray for healing of the land. We love you…

    2. @Nissi. The Bible also tells us to OBEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND! And there’s a state mandate ordering that large social gatherings not be held in person during this time. Do not use Gods word out of context to shame these ppl for reporting on an ILLEGAL gathering. The Bible also tells us to GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND USE WISDOM. Putting your parishioners lives in jeopardy is not Christ like. McClendon is WRONG for what he’s doing and you’re just as wrong for this bootleg reply.

    3. Nissi stick with reality and FACTS ON THE GROUND. . 1. Deadly pandemic. 2.High number of Covid -19 cases in Inglewood which can only mean there is a lot of community spread. 3. Mayor Butts as usual fled to So-Fi in Kronke’s business instead of protecting the community by making sure the state mandated order of shelter in place and social distancing are enforced you top cop ? duty….Forward thinking I PRAY YOU AS YOU READ WHAT SCRIPTURE SAYS ABOUT DISCERNMENT. May you then learn common sense. Target ?, Walmart provide essential survival services.. Think about McClendon and Butts and that which again reflects the unsettling. You can Zoom to get the faithful Sunday service.. My angry neighbor who was at Church of the Harvest went so far as to exploit Easter Sunday because bishop is about the COH (cash on hand). Any Sunday.

  3. If it is staff, music ministry, etc. why aren’t they wearing mask and gloves and 6 ft apart? Also why doesn’t he stream from home he streams when he is on the road. The problem is each person has different routines and you don’t know where each other has been. This is how the virus spreads. Feeding 50 people for the size of the ministry is a drop in a bucket and does not justify not adhering to medical mandates. The people (staff) are still put at risk

    1. The amount of cars on the street surrounding the church are the same amounts observed every Sunday. You would think with the media’s portrayal of this disease having devastating consequences, for the Black community in particular, I wouldn’t expect to see men inside wearing 3-piece suits, and usher lady’s present, if all he was doing was “filming”.

      1. Ladies you saw one man with a three-piece suit, he worked with Security…the crew had on casual attire. There were no Easter bonnets and fluffy attire there. The cars along Manchester were not all of ours, there are other businesses operating. Do a fact check before you spew lies. You have exposed your characters, from what I have read, it’s as though a “Hater” fed you wrong information and you thought you had some news to destroy our Bishop on hearsay, but it backfired. The only news you’re going to find at The Cosmopolitan Center is GOOD NEWS, that God kinda news. Now if you want to report some GOOD NEWS like this Prophet, Bishop Clarence McClendon is doing positive things by filling the hearts of the people with the Word of God. People are scared and He’s on Live Stream helping people to get through this Pandemic time. We are spreading the Word of God, NOT the coronavirus to the community, that’s just a smokescreen to stop God’s Word from going forth, that an illusion. We are covered, Under the Hedge of Protection, in the Secret Place of the Highest. If you don’t believe it read the Bible for yourself. God is real and Bishop McClendon is a messager.

    2. He’s probably still operating for the tithes and offerings and completely ignoring public health.
      The Bible says in Isaiah chp 26 vs. 20 To go home, lock your door and hide your self until the lords anger has passed. It’s a shame he’s not taking heed!

  4. It is really sad that instead of writing uplifting articles during this time, and partnering with others in the community to help build up those in the community that you have chosen to slander a Pastor and ministry that is bringing hope and faith to people during a time when many are in fear because you, or those you are connected to, have a problem with an individual.

    Instead of reporting that this ministry has partnered with the City of Inglewood to become a Food Distribution Center and not only fed 50 families on Good Friday but donated all the items needed since the food banks were out of food you choose to report lies. 50 families that may not have had food for Easter weekend did because of this Pastor and ministry.

    Although, according to the constitution, houses of worship cannot be shut down, this ministry has complied with the state and city orders in moving their services to online and only having those individuals needed for production and safety as it states in their statement on social media and on the doors to the entrance to the building.

    There is no “mass gathering” here and there is no story.

  5. This Pastor is only concerned with the collection plate. Slick head, slick talking. slick dressed fraud

  6. Your story is completely void of facts. I get you don’t like the pastor of this church but do you know that there is actually no parishioners in that building – you ask how I know – well Ive been volunteering each week to answer the prayer lines. The only people in that building are staff who risk their lives every week to be available to people who need prayer during a very critical and scary time and those on the media team working to get the live stream up.

    I can’t believe you made this about tithes – that’s such a immature argument especially since you don’t have any real facts. You saw cars on the street – are you for real.

    Whatever you may assume – pastors are essential just as any other person on the frontline helping to bring hope and joy.

    Did you know the church was open on Friday, April 10 giving out food to the community as other venues in the city of Inglewood – I dont see you breaking news about that. Of course not because it doesn’t satisfy your negative agenda. I had so much respect for 2UrbanGirls because I thought you guys promoted real journalism but youre just as low as any other gossip paper – this article is disgraceful. FAKE NEWS!

    1. Next Sunday we will go back and add photos of the parking lots at Dollar Tree, Auto Zone and Winchell’s for “perspective”. Yes, the cars parked along the major thoroughfare and side street, as they are every Sunday, is a HUGE indicator that activity was taking place inside.

      1. Again, assumptions – not facts! Adding photos of what you perceive to be parking for church members at adjacent businesses IS NOT an indicator! In fact; when church was in session church members are not allowed to park in those lots because their cars would be towed by the business; that’s real talk.

        Having real facts – seeing actual parishioners inside the church is an indicator. Plain and simple. Again you’re not interested in the truth which is fine. I understand there are journalism outlets that report the raw grimy news to keep the public aware and informed – but this is not that story. Your information is wrong 2UrbanGirls. Come back Sunday get the FACTS and report the truth!

      2. Why would you go back and try to prove something that is not true? Urban ladies, you are ruining your own reputations. Protocol, you should have sent Bishop McClendon/Denee Busby-Howard a letter asking about our Live Stream that is going on. You’re assuming there are MASS people in the church, Deacons which we don’t have Deacons and Ushers which are not there, because there is no one to Usher in at this time. We just have the working crew to set up our Live Stream and Security and a few Singers and the band. Bishop is concerned for each and every one of us, we wear our mask, we sit six feet from one another, social distance and most of all we believe in God’s Protection, we are under “The Hedge of Protection” meaning we’re covered by God, we’re not a Fearful People because of His protection. Proverbs 29:25, we believe the Lord protects us, we won’t be spreading any viruses. Urban Ladies, please retract what you have written and apologize to Bishop McClendon and do your own research if you just have to know what’s going on in the building, it’s not for the public, Bishop McClendon is complying with the Mayor & the Governor and that is why the public can’t come in the building, they’re taping live and don’t need any distractions, they’re not hiding anything. It sad you had to post that lie and get those negative comments from people that want to destroy his character. Please do better by your Journalism, my mother always had this old saying, “You catch more Bee’s with honey”. Be Better and Do Better.

  7. We Could SAFELY OPEN THE CHURCHES if we came up with some VERY STRICK RULES that they would have to follow.
    Like For instance: 1) All members of the church must come in at least 6 (or 10) Feet Separated
    2) All members of the church must sit at least 10 feet apart
    3) Only every other of the church pews should have people in them
    4) After every Church service All of the Church must be wiped Down!
    etc. etc. etc.

  8. As of 4/13/2020 Inglewood is not flattening the curve. Cases of positive Coronavirus are 121. Inglewood just caught up with City of Carson and is in the top 6 cities with a coronavirus situation.

  9. Great story. You guys are doing a great job in keeping public informed. Keep up the good work.

  10. It may be a good idea to send someone by these people’s home’s to see if someone opens the door. Also does any of f these pastors live in the cities they’re holding services in, no. I was a member until over a year ago when I found out my tithes were being credited to another member for years and the money I paid for a class was never returned even though the class was never completed due to the church moving continuously.

  11. Inglewood on its way to becoming the mecca for fraudulent pastors. LUT another organization that takes ‘annoying’ to another level by invading the same neighborhoods every week (and never giving them a moment’s peace) to spread the ‘Word of God.’ I remember a workman opening a neighbor’s door and the pastors arguing with him for half an hour. These LUT people or other church people always go door-to-door and now document which homes open the door to them. LUT’s pastor is or was a part of the Inglewood Police Commission which never meets, and never has in the last few years.

  12. This Pastor has always been money hungry robbing the members of there monies for his own use personal airplanes cars and that Manson he has. The state and city needs to put a pad lock on that and ask him to leave the city of Inglewood.

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