Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

1 thought on “Inglewood cancels MLK Celebration

  1. Is it a number thing? A few of us no way- bunches of them no problem? or it our $ vs their $$$$$? says:

    Okay the only excuses available is the decision makers can’t grasp is simple that real people are dead. Hospitals are overwhelmed doesn’t matter until their family is impacted……

    How sad the Billionaires seem to think money is more important than anything yes anything no matter how many fans/players get covid at their event(s)…….as long as there is money to be had.

    Let’s think about this – completely vaccinated and boostered people can get covid! Yep these folks are “break through” cases in such number they have a name for them- “break through cases”. So even though we can not attend council meetings, or have the Martin Luther King Parade (held outdoors) in the “interest of public health”, it is somehow okay for thousands with private jets and big bucks to come into our community from far away places potentially bringing a virus variant as carriers to those of us who are not even permitted to gather in small numbers!

    Who out there thinks the financial security grants immunity to covid or any other disease?

    Hmmmmm, could it be possible the entire city council, the governor, and the NFL owners are simply trying to make certain that we know dollars are far more important to them than peoples lives?

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