Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Inglewood awards million dollar contract to company suspended by Franchise Tax Board

  1. We need?
    Omg millions of children have had long and productive lives without tennis lessons !!

    Realistically only a few of the 100,000 Inglewood residents will ever get on a tennis court and yet you ask all of us to do without the $ million dollars of “service” each time we pay additional fees for trash and water service ………or that extra few cents every time we pay sales tax.
    This million could go to library services so ALL residents could learn and perhaps upgrade their skills yielding a better employment opportunity.
    This million could be used for the street resurfacing in the neighborhoods where stadium guests will not be driving.
    This million could go toward hiring more park maintenance employees so ALL the park space is safe and usable.
    This million could go to having computer classes for all ages available at community centers

    Kids can run and jump and play and get exercise without taxpayers giving a million to someone who will serve so very few.

    Should taxpayers be expected to finance million dollar programs for all the personal dreams of a few ie. If so why not a publicly financed piano center, or opera center, why not a flamingo, or hula center perhaps we should finance an ice dance center ?????

    Tax dollars are precious and should be used for the genuine needs not wants of the residents of our community rather than to benefit one persons passion.

    The 40 Love foundation may have a great passion for tennis but the rest of us should not be asked to do without so that the founder’s dreams come true.

    40 Love had a request for volunteer instructors on volunteer match, Big 5 sells balls for less than $5.00 for four and discount stores have rackets under $40.00, so ya gotta wonder who gets all the extra money……..

    Yes some rackets cost $4,000each but taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to buy the expensive rackets anymore than we should be asked to pay for elected to have the car of their choice.

    1. A $4,000.00 racquet? What racquet is this? Serena whole bag of racquets she goes on court with wouldn’t cost that much! That’s what makes us look so bad and “ignut”! A bogus ass corrupt company putting up charges like that for some bootleg racquets they gonna get from China at wholesale rates and generic tennis balls. If they buy the sh*t at all! Because you know 4love is gonna be asking for donations and volunteers. Just wait and see after they get this money who’ll be driving a new Benz or Bentley! This Butts administration gives “black” run cities a bad name! Stupid corrupt ni**a sh*t!

  2. Are you crazy???? This company says it is a 501(c)(3) , and they actually are not. Do they teach tennis? What are they masquerading? Another shady deal brought on by Baby Doc Butts.

    1. A. Nelson really? ! Need ?! Perhaps you mean “want” ? Do you think our tax dollars should only be spent for one favored sport to encourage those few young people to discover tennis? Perhaps instead maybe that million should be split between all the various park and recreation activities such as karate, dance, softball, art or how about something like homework help or computer skills.
      Perhaps if this non non profit would put their volunteer time into their passion interacting on the court themselves the precious dollars could serve many more young people.

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