Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

1 thought on “In Mayor Butts’ OWN words: “Inglewood is fiscally solvent”

  1. And if you believe the Mayor, investment opportunities are available for really nice ocean front property on the New Mexico shoreline !

    But wait we can’t really blame the council for acting foolishly they are the children who got awards for showing up for school not because they learned to add ! Two went to law school, yet haven’t become lawyers and yet still they want to be praised for having “gone to” law school.

    Clearly Padilla and Butts want praise for just being rather than wise decisions. Perhaps each grew up receiving praise for putting on their shoes and brushing their teeth long into their teens. Unfortunately there have been block club members, commissioners, and realtors who keep on keeping on with the praises no matter what crazy the council votes on that negativity impacts others.

    Eloy Revealed to all he thinks a budget is a snapshot in time…..He doesn’t seem to understand after 18 years of sitting in that seat that the budget should be a long term plan not based on hopes that money will magically appear, but instead a realistic plan beginning with toady we owe …for contracts, employee time, maintenance expenses and tomorrow we will owe on more contracts, employee time, and on going maintenance etc etc. A lot like rent/or mortgage comes due every month.

    This Council seems to think like kids at Christmas who just want more and more toys without consideration that eventually the toys purchased with credit cards must be paid for with added interest. Yep they extended the pension obligation bond rather than pay it off ….a decision a lot like taking a cash advance to make it appear the sky is the limit when trying to impress a dinner date knowing they have no income to pay for the lavish dinner . In the City council’s cause we call those lavish dinner dates executive management whose dinners are outrageous salaries.

    A financial crisis is NOT AN OVERNIGHT OCCURRENCE it is the failure to stop frivolous spending over a long period of time !

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