Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

9 thoughts on “Hawthorne mayor caught telling the truth

  1. Hello,

    I don’t live in Hawthorne, but found it pretty easy to find out what else your mayor has, reportedly been up to. And it’s not good news, actually. Connect the dots, and there you are. Maybe even in poor Compton too, eventually. IDK what gets in the minds of some of these elected officials, maybe watching too many movies. You could do the mayor’s job with, perhaps, a standard office space and paying your debts is a key indicator of a lapse in good judgement or character, IMHO. So here’s the scoop from the Daily Breeze. Who is this guy? Hawthorne, seems you could do better, maybe. IDK http://www.dailybreeze.com/government-and-politics/20150405/hawthorne-mayor-piling-up-unpaid-debts-racking-up-city-hall-travel

  2. Funny. Did he ever payback all of the folks he owes money to? Interesting how you glossed over that one.

    Seriously, do you have even the slightest interest in promoting the truth or just continuing to shill for this felon?

    1. Felon? His personal finances have zero effect on the city’s budget, which the Daily Breeze has covered incessantly. The mayor has delivered on items he campaigned on and that’s a fact. Other facts “glossed over” are the city’s failure to have a finance director, prior to the current mayors election. Ms Reyes English was part of the administration that brought in the city manager, prior to the mayors election. All those who voted on the budget and keeping the city manager are all up for re-election yet the only focus is on the one who has been there the least amount of time? Unfortunately Ms. Mazza isn’t obligated to look into the finances of those the mayor owes money to…perhaps she would find they owe money to the city themselves…

      1. So he stiffs the city with his bounced check, fails to pay Hawthorne residents and businesses on his outstanding debts. And that’s acceptable behavior?

        You’re defending this deadbeat. Good luck with that. He’ll be out of office shortly, and I’m sure a DA indictment to shortly follow if not sooner as this is the word on the street.

        Keep drinking the Kool Aid. Even Najee Ali and the local Democratic cronies have dumped him. You look foolish now.

        1. Now you sound foolish comparing him to someone multiple women have filed harassmet claims against. De

          1. Lol. His boys just got arrested for stealing campaign signs.

            You’re still going to go down with this ship?

            I’m loving this. How much is Brown paying you for your “independent” journalism? What street corner did he pick you up on? Urban girls, indeed.

            You know, you can always attempt to hang on to a shred of credibility and just dump this turd. I wonder if you’ll be clever enough to figure that out.

              1. Your reply is not even coherent – do you have any reading comprehension skills? Much like your awful journalistic abilities.

                You’re like North Korean state media touting Kim Jong Un’s latest accomplishments.

                ..The Fox News of the Ghetto.

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