Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

3 thoughts on “Meet Hawthorne city council candidate: Amie Shepard

  1. https://www.voteforamie.com/supporters

    this candidate has lied about her endorsements personally reached out to Gordon Migo Gloria Ramos, BMW market and a couple of others they do not support or endorse any Shepherd in any way whatsoever. It’s a shame that such a person trying to come into council is already corrupted.

    1. Nobody lied. You’re a Vargas soldier who doesn’t agree with my affordable housing platform. You must like the fruit carts, sidewalk restaurants and homeless encampments that have swelled under Vargas and Talleda. Meanwhile, brick and mortar businesses are permanently dying in Hawthorne because of ineffective leadership.

      Gloria Ramos signed my nomination papers and has given her support. Just like she did in 2015. The owner of BMW Market has been a longtime supporter since the first campaign in 2015.
      Yes, it’s disappointing that Gordon Mego took a paid position on another candidate’s campaign team, but he was unaware that candidate was still working with former Mayor Brown. I had a lengthy call with him on Sunday and he did ask me to remove his name from the support list, which I did. But there’s still time to earn it back!

      Your attempts to smear my campaign are noted. It’s a very typical Vargas tactic.

      1. Doing research on who I’m voting for for this election. I’m glad I was able to come across your unprofessionalism in your reply.

        Also, “fruit carts, sidewalk restaurants”. Girl fuck you ????

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