Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

8 thoughts on “Grace Yoo is outperforming Mark Ridley-Thomas for City Council District 10 seat

  1. It will be great to have Grace Yoo on city council, because she wants to be there and do the job as opposed to MRT who is always just looking for a vacancy to fill until a higher paying job comes up.

  2. I met and spent quality time with them both in my CD10 community. I was very impressed with Grace Yoo. She’s the change we need. She doesn’t carry any L. A. political baggage (yet) and will be better than MRT. Also, if he gets investigated, he has a lot of skeletons and will have to go anyway. It’s better to start fresh with an intelligent woman. He also looks to be in poor health.

  3. Mark Ridley Thomas work speaks for it self. He has worked tirelessly to improve things for this city. far more than any. Other supervisors, take a look at the surrounding area of Martin l King hospital area he has improve on a lot of things for this city. job well done supervisor is Thomas we appreciate your hard work it isn’t easy to accomplish what you have done. If you can’t speak favorably keep quiet and stop acting like the idiot you are.

  4. Mark “da nigga” Ridley-Thomas has got to go. Years ago when he got into politics, regular guy. now he’s all chunky and round

  5. It’s time to turn the ugly pages of corruption during Wesson and Mark’s gerrymandering of District 10. If we don’t reject gerrymandering in LA, we have no moral standing to reject gerrymandering of Blacks in the deep South. We have to reject evil outright.

    “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
    – Matthew 7:12


  6. For years, i have personally watched Mark Ridley Thomas battle for improvements for the homeless, state-funded jobs for Blacks that are consistently denied employment because of the color of their skin, prison reform keeping prisoners local and much more but he is only one voice on a Board of Supervisors that will rush to protect the goats at the state fair before they support equal justice and opportunities for Blacks. If you dont know his and his son’s stands, its because you haven’t attended enough meetings to see what they have done and/or tried to do for Blacks. MLT was fighting with Karen Bass when there was almost no one else with a voice for Blacks. I know bc I heard it. I am a personal witness. Go to some meetings and see who is voting certain stands down and rally against them!

  7. It time for change…I hope Grace Yoo, will not turn out to be just like the present leadership we’re trying to get rid of.
    Hope that if she’s elected she will focus all citizens that are less fortunate regardless to race or creed.
    Majority of the working poor, homeless and veterans are good honest people just needing a voice among the ones who think they what’s best without hearing their stories; each individual struggling to survive this cruel world should be dealt with on his/her merits not as a group band together.
    Everything under MRT leadership has failed, let’s just start with the homeless crisis and COVID-19; all they have done is thrown bad money after bad money. No real solution, because they keep hiring people who have no clue or compassion for human beings because it does not effect them directly.
    It’s time to stop lining your pockets and do what the people elected you to do base on your lies during campaigning.
    You all should be charged with failing the citizens, MRT you and your son are a total disgrace.
    Go sit down somewhere….enough is enough!

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