Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

1 thought on “Funds designated for Compton Campfire site remain under LA County control

  1. 2 Urban Girls:

    Thanks for your article on the Camp Fire but I need to address some key points.

    The county is not in a battle with the city.

    The city has just failed to fill out and submit the proper paperwork to the county to receive the monies. The delay is on the city and not the county.
    The county, parks grant department, will be happy to release the $300,000 Prop A monies I secured when the city finally submits the proper and correct paperwork.

    As for the remaining $275,000 Charitable Donation I secured from the former local Campfire Council, it will now have to be resolved in a court case due to delay in submitting paperwork by the city. However, you are right, he city of Compton does need to file a court response by December 27th to stay in the game.

    If successful in court, the county tax assessor’s office who is holding these funds will then turn over these funds to the city once the proper paperwork from the city is submitted to the assessor.

    But you are right, the ball is in the city’s court and I am awaiting and confident in our current City Manager Groomes’ ability to resolve these issues.

    Thank you,
    Cynthia Macon
    Compton Campfire Preservation Society

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