Wed. Jun 23rd, 2021

6 thoughts on “Free Face Mask distribution in city of Hawthorne

  1. I was wondering about the rent delays or forgiveness- like in L.A.also other assistance for seniors and those without cars who have to rely on public transportation.Are there any programs for Hawthorne residents? to assist financially.

  2. Is that the best he can do as a Mayor? all of the other mayors and city leaders are providing financial assistance or food for their city residents. Mr Vargas is simply providing a $5.00 mask. REALlY! I have not worked since March 13th and I have not received my stimulus check nor have I received any unemployment benefits . It would have been a bit more caring for him to offer more financial support for the residents of this city. I think at this time everyone has managed to provide masks for themselves and their family. A day late and a mask short.

  3. I hope it isnt the homemade shit the city of compton employees get !! ugh!
    F’king embarassing
    Trying to figure out whos friend or relative made and sold those shit.

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