Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

10 thoughts on “Fox News points out hypocrisy of the Compton mayor

  1. God help us all!! We should all pray because our cities are being run by self-interest, power-hungry individuals. It’s time for new young smart, intelligent people to run for these offices. However, one must still be careful: There is a new candidate running for councilmember in Carson for District 1, who appears to be really off his rocker! He keeps showing up at city hall (which is closed to public, unless by appointment) making a scene and alienating employees. Carson’s Code Enforcement had to calm him down last week, after he made remarks that provoked an employee to tears!!! Where do these people come from??? What are their intentions? I guess he figures the residents are ready for someone new on council and since he has a couple of degrees, now is his chance! Not in District 1! We’d rather keep the councilman we have than to be subjected to your irrational behavior!

  2. I agree with much that has been said about the people who are now governing this city. There is much work to be done. Street repairs and removal of homeless camps etc. You cannot say she Aja Brown is biased against mexicans or she would do something about these street restaurants on Rosecrans E and all along Atlantic. Drivers cause accidents trying to get to these food places. They make illegal u turns and everything else. Not to mention the rodents people are battling because of all this street cooking. This is now Tijuana because the real Tijuana has cleaned up. Please stop this mess. Other cities don’t deal with this. Only Compton.

  3. Aja Brown is the most prejudice person alive toward the Hispanic community in Compton. She and the code enforcement has been terrorizing the Hispanic neighbors. She take advantage of the Hispanic community not been able to report all the discrimination towards the Hispanics. She will not greed peoples business unless is a person of her interest. Now her issue towards the Sheriff department in Compton is that they did not give her Friend (YG the Rapper) a pass when his vehicle was involve in a murder.

  4. One comment. As valid as complaints about Ms. Brown may be, I cringed when Breitbart News, generally accepted as an Alt Right, if not a white nationalist, outlet, was cited. Considering their history and likely motivations, being cited may give them more journalistic credit than they deserve.

    1. Whether news is leaning right or left, I read them all. I believe I’m smart enough to form my own opinions. Breitbart is good because it fights against the narrative u read about in mainstream media.

      Anyone believes the Portland protests are peaceful??!!
      Looks like a city that is ran worse than Compton Right now

  5. Former mayor Omar Bradley, may have not been perfect; however he didn’t sell out the city. Omar , was all about inclusion not exclusion; someone please give me a list of benefits Compton residents have enjoyed since Aja has been in office????????‍♂️

  6. I hate to say this, you media folks drank the Kool-aide without checking the real facts about Aja Brown; she was able to sale you all the land that don’t exist. You found her engaging, well spoken that was all you needed; however the community needed more.
    Did any of you question: the fact that after a year of two she stop stating the her grandmother was murdered and rape in Compton (which never happen).
    Did you news outlet investigate into her many nonprofit?
    Oh let’s not forget her statements the youth will”follow by the sound of my voice”
    One last think did you so call journalists check her work history in the many different cities; she only lasted last then 6 months, she is not a team player.
    Go check!

  7. Thank you Fox News, hopefully thee other media outlets will do their due diligence, with verifying information coming out of Mayor Aja Brown camp; it’s all been bullshit since day one.
    The truth not in her, ask about the birth of her daughter!

  8. Thank you God for hearing our cry. Finally, the news station are catching up to what the community has been saying since day one; but no we blame Lynn Boone and Joyce Kelly when they presented information Aja Brown was a fraud????
    She came here on a lie, Fox News investigate that!

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