Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

5 thoughts on “Former Los Angeles County Sheriff prepares to expose his former boss

  1. And the uptick may, possibly be related to rumors that the Sherriff’s Department always wanted to make Gardena another of it’s contract cities, and if crime increases, and Mayor Tanaka isn’t at the helm, they manipulate their way into getting voters to approve it, down the line. They tried before and Gardena’s citizens voted to keep their own police department. Compton lost theirs due to political issues and crime and violent crimes spiked once we lost most of our seasoned and experienced street gang specialists. Go to Comptonpolicegangs dot com, for part of the real story behind the disbanding of that city’s LEO’s and it will become a bit more clear. Sure Compton officers, like most, had their failings, but the way it was done is still filled with controversy and the back dealings of the former gangster/mayor Omar Bradley, who will resent the intimation that he was close to record producer, “Shug” Knight, who’s still behind bars for the incident we’ve read about recently. So now the Sheriff’s want Gardena and with Mayor Tanaka out of the picture, we’ll see how long before it comes to the voters there, once again. There’s another story on that issue of long standing. And so it goes, again and again. McDonald may have not been the solution this time, and it’s been pretty quiet lately about his taking over the troubled agency, not a peep. Guess he works quietly, but the rank and file, those deputies putting their life on the line daily, will eventually tell us how he’s doing, since the Fed’s investigation put pressure for change in the department. I hope I’m off my rocker on all of this. But something’s not right in the scheme of things. People forget details…important details, no less, over time, it seems. More money for the county coffers since Gardena has a budget surplus and the county wants their share of the pie. Money…and more of it. Politics…Meh!

    1. I have to disagree with your statement about crime increasing when LASD came to Compton. Prior to LASD, Compton was known as one of the most dangerous cities in America because of the number of homicides. As soon as LASD took over this homicide rate started to decline and has continued to decline.

  2. Having know both of these men, I really feel that Tanaka was a pawn on Baca’s board. The ‘boss’ is always responsible for the actions of his employees.

  3. Ask Paul Tanaka if he still has the Vikings’ tattoo from when was part of the Lynwood LA Sheriff’s substation. TK

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