Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

4 thoughts on “Former Inglewood High School principal charged with theft of funds from unauthorized parking contract

  1. Kyle was the worst administrator we’ve ever had. We have had incompetent administrators, self serving ones, hateful and petty ones, but never criminal principals. I worked closely with him and could not understand why he alienated and picked fights with parents and donors. He blamed children when they came for help with a variety of issues. Administrative duties were always neglected. I started to think he had a mental issue, but once the charges came to light it became apparent he was lower than a common thief. I say this because he stole from children – needy children.

  2. Mr Douglas is the best adminstator the district has had for years. The district has had millions taken from other employees, board me embers /district adminstration and some never charged . Its all about who u know. District needs to get rid of teachers who sit and watch things on internet or be personal calls during class time . Get priorities right.

    1. OMG hopefully this comment did not intend for residents to think it is okay for ANY employee to take ANY money intended for education of our young people or our community and keep it for themselves !!!!!!!

      Let us hope you were attempting to enlighten the community that by “best” you meant at least he “stole less” not that it was okay to steal if students liked him.

      Many residents have in the past shared documents with the DA Office that money was being misused for personal benefit and the elected have either turned a blind eye, claimed they misunderstood when they voted to violate public trust, or sat and chuckled calling the concerned residents names (ie nay-sayers and obstructionists )
      —- Let us not forget former Inglewood City Council member Jose Fernandez !!!!
      The Centinela Valley High School Superintendent was finally arrested in 2012 only AFTER Pulitzer Prize Investigative Report by the Daily Breeze even when residents had provided documents to the DA office long before alerting the Daily Breeze. Once the story hit the front page all over California the DA claimed they were unaware of any the problem until the Daily Breeze covered the story,,,,,,,

      Yep, seems like elected friends went out of their way to proclaim that poor Jose should not be looked down upon. One elected declared that Jose had “only negotiated a lucrative employment contract” and should not be considered guilty of wrong, while another elected who also made money from that school district, claimed he had the “highest and greatest regard”for his mentor .

      LETS HOPE that the change GASCON brings to the Office of Public (Non) Integrity Office is that finally those who misappropriate public funds to benefit their relatives, in-laws, friends, girl-friends, former employees or selves end up discovering that stealing, thieving, cheating or any other name they use to glam up “reprioritizing” public funds leads to disgrace, loss of respect, loss of influence, and yes an opportunity to live without publicly funded salaries and pensions!!!

  3. Wow!!!when Gascon coming to Compton; you all are complaining about ten thousand of dollars when the residents of the city of Compton have been complaining about millions; when will the justice come for them.
    There needs to be a patty wagon waiting outside the city of Compton!

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