Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

1 thought on “Former Inglewood councilman gears up for 2022 Senate race

  1. As good little sheep that we are Inglewood residents will likely vote with enthusiasm because we know his name ! No matter his actions while Board of Equalization Member essentially aging donate to my friends and have your taxes forgiven or the irresponsible use of tax (your and my) money …..we are happy to vote as we are told and follow the leader even if it is off a cliff. As for the “fine job” Performed as by wife Yvonne as City Clerk ….hmmmm why is it the most important things a clerk should do 1) record minutes and 2) make certain public records are available has seen the city go without minutes for several months and the unprecedented destruction of public records ie “the stadium petition” including phrasing that residents would VOTE IF they wanted a stadium and officer involved use of force records?

    But never mind day-to- day worker-bees the BIG POCKET GUYS will get the political face that “looks like us” who is most willing to speak on their behalf……, after all we should know better than to expect elected to represent little people like us rather than the billionaires.

    When Senators Hall paved the way for the obnoxious-flashing-digital-insulting- signs (sure to cause accidents when non-local drivers try to maintain focus on the car in front of them) , And Senator Steve Bradford showed he didn’t care about our quality of life and turned over the keys to our community to two Billionaires by helping to rush their projects through (not even pausing to say “ hey, what about that promised opportunity to vote If we want a stadium” they both proved the people of the community are only pawns to be used in their pursuit of fame and richess

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