Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

4 thoughts on “Former Compton mayor appointed City Attorney

  1. It is clear that Compton politicians love to appoint, hire, and conspire with anyone who is willing to play dirty. Perridon as City Attorney….please. Mayor Sharif has taken dumb to an all new status. Why she refuses to hire capable leadership is beyond her constituents who are suffering from her poor judgement. Please stop hiring and promoting fools, bring back problem people. You are not going to look smarter than them. Perridon will show Compton just how stupid you are that is what he does best. He is a bully so get ready Emma. You asked for the wrath of Perridon….. remember that!

  2. Mayor Sharif has solidified her last term in elected office. How can she be so DUMB to call for the appointment of a person that was the Mayor 8 years prior to her, that will sit next to her on the dias and take advantage of her being a WEAK mayor? Perrodin is about to sure her up and make everyone see how DUMB she really is. Then City Treasurer Mims had to chime in like he some type of political authority. Mims just be happy you can’t be FIRED from this job without another election… Emma thinks she was being bullied by Galvan, wait until Perrodin takes his seat hahaha and Perrodin IT’S GONNA BE A “NO” for working behind the scenes to form a Police Department.

  3. Since we’re living in the past Emma, why not appoint Omar Bradley as City Manager! He’s the only former mayor who had a clue on how to manage a city. Wasn’t perfect but a hell of a lot better than the rest and left the city with a budget SURPLUS ! Who else can say that !! I’m very sure you will never be able to say it !!! You need all the help you can get and that’s for sure.

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