Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

3 thoughts on “Former Compton City Manager claims “political payback” led to his ouster

  1. Craig, why are you wasting the court and your attorney time.
    Yes, you were given a great performance evaluation in 2020 due to the fact that you all were corrupt, and they needed you as City Manager to keep control.
    Furthermore you knew it was a lie from the start, the State Controller never suggested that they appoint you City Manager. Councilmember Galvan has been asking for proof that the Controller suggested you be appointed.
    Craig, you went to school to become a lawyer and you couldn’t do that right, what makes you think you can run a city.
    Stop the nonsense!

  2. Craig, stop this foolishness you know you were not qualified to run the city. Now you want to claim political payback!

  3. What a made-up bunch of convoluted malarkey. Cornwell was inept, corrupt, should never have been City Manager and has been paid and lived too many years feeding on Compton while a City Attorney wouldn’t even argue a case in court. You would think he would move on after all exorbitant money he was paid for doing a lackluster job but who is going to give up fleecing Compton when it is so easy to do. A reform movement swept disastrous incompetent former Mayor Aja Brown out of office along with her chief pawn, Craig Cornwell. Good riddance and not another nickel. The delusion, no sheer nerve, is real.

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