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21 thoughts on “Former city consultant accuses Inglewood mayor of sexual assault

  1. I don’t consider this sexual assault. She knew what she was doing by having sex with this man. She didn’t decide to say anything or “out him” until she lost her job. A job that she only got because she was sexing this man.

    Sounds like prostitution. Now Butts is a disgusting man who uses his power to have sex with multiple women… he’s not fit to be mayor… but why on earth would you willingly have sex with a man that you aren’t in a relationship with and don’t care about? Did he make you have sex without protection? He didn’t force or put a gun to her head. If she wanted a job and he told her she could only get it, if she sexed him, then why didn’t she sue then? She needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

    1. Equal responsibility here. If butts is leveraging taxpayer dollars in exchange for sex, I believe the greater responsibility falls on him. He understands liability better than any of us as a member of law enforcement. He’s being allowed to abuse his position as mayor for personal gain.

    2. Sanaa,

      Good thing Jane Doe does NOT give AF if you consider it sexual assault or not.

      Just think if she’s the prostitute then Mayor “JOHN” Butts is using tax $$$ to pay her, to turn City Hall into a brothel and then using more tax $$$ to cover his legal bill now that he’s BUSTED!

      Sounds like taxpayers are the ones losing out!

      Also, women speak up about sexual assault when they’re ready to, not when someone else thinks they should.


      VICTIM BLAMING is why so many women stay silent so many times and predators like Jimmy Butts get away with sexually assaulting women for years.

      1. AMEN ! Even if she showed up in his office naked as a jay bird and said do what you want with me just give me a job HE SHOULD NOT HAVE HIRED HER! HE was the person in position of authority and should have exercised SELF CONTROL over HIS ZIPPER

      2. Let’s be clear. What occurred between these two CONSENTING adults was NOT sexual assault. It was a sexual arrangement gone wrong. Calling what happened to her a “sexual assault” is an affront and a disrespect to all sexual assault survivors. While the creepy, low life mayor should be held accountable, I think it’s silly to say that this woman didn’t know what she signed up for. She knowingly put his penis in her mouth and vagina to get and keep a job. As soon as he propositioned her, she could have reported him to proper authorities, filed a suit, etc.

        I am in no way letting Butts off the hook, but this woman agreed to his sick desires over and over in exchange for benefits. She only complained and decues to speak up when the arrangement went awry and she was fired. That is NOT sexual assault. How dare she paint it in that manner! We as women have choices and we don’t have to let men clowns like Butts get over. The answer is simple, report him, expose him or sue the city instead of sucking him off! The choice was clear.

        Get mad if you want. The truth remains the truth.

        1. I believe women aren’t going to the Inglewood Police Department due to their knowledge he controls the police chief who will squash any investigation into him.

          1. THANK YOU @2UrbanGirls.

            That’s exactly why women are not reporting the sexual assaults to the Inglewood Police Department.

            Anyone who knows Jimmy Butts knows he has the Inglewood police chief in the palm of his hands and Jimmy CONTROLS IPD not the chief.

            It would be a waste of time, energy and taxpayer $$$ to even report Jimmy’s crimes.

            The crimes would not be investigated!

            1. There is a reason inglewood’s Police chief is the Fourth highest compensated police chief in the state !
              Jimmie has a cast of extremely well paid (by residents) security / body guards / a chief / and city executive staff all there to serve him whether that means look the other way or actively violate common decency to please their hero.
              Even the DA public integrity office conveniently looses files with complaints about Jimmie.

          2. The legal system will sort this out. The city became a party to the arrangement once she was hired. Entry into the city’s payroll and administrative systems was provided by the always complicit HR which can’t equalize pay for male and female employees doing the same job, but can reliably legitimize this stuff. HR approves every act of bias, retaliation and discrimination against women that it receives as well as accommodating deep nepotism and hiring intimate partners, etc guaranteeing continued local male control of a largely female workforce. There is no Civil Service and no need for current HR. Outsource legitimate functions and shrink staffing. The city has been put at great financial risk by this department.

            1. The city doesn’t follow typical civil service rules for progressive discipline because they refuse to update the civil service rules as detailed in Betty Yee’s audit of the city’s internal controls.

              1. Civil service is more than progressive discipline. It includes hiring promotions termination salary administration, etc. Human Resources should publicly state this is not a civil service employer and identify what exactly it is. No employee handbook either. Result: widespread discrimination based on race gender age, etc. It’s why the city finds itself in current legal situation with no way out. Should have taken her advice

        2. Why have we created these blurred lines when it comes to the Mayor?

          We’re not only talking about one woman here.

          We’re talking about a pattern of behavior by the Mayor that borderlines psychotic behavior?

          What did the City Treasurer staff do to be followed by private investigators hire by the Mayor for the sole purpose of harassment and intimidation.

          This goes beyond the Mayor now .

          What’s more baffling is that members of the community are rationalizing the Mayor’s action and a pattern of victimization against black women.

          Furthermore it disturbs me that in this day and age that as a black man I have to make this point.


    Former assistant lawsuit
    $12 MILLION

    Jane Doe Claim
    $5 MILLION

    City treasurer claim
    $10 MILLION

    Butts legal fees

    All while Inglewood homeowners aren’t getting any financial help from the City during COVID.

    It’s time to FIRE MAYOR FOOT RUBS!

      1. Also wondering if Wanda Brown’s assistant will be filing a complaint against Mayor Butts too for bullying, intimidation and intentional infliction of emotional distress now that word is out that Mayor Butts hired private investigators to follow him.

        Only time will tell!

          1. TDA ‘s website declares their service includes “global investigation and top security of entertainment industry” hmmmm…. Does poor deluded Jimmie fancy himself a global celebrity? He hired/we paid Chris Roberts to create the photo ops to have all media cameras focused on him perhaps he believes the press time we are paying for? Or maybe he has reason to fear all those he has wronged in the past.

    1. There are more women that are still working for the City too scared to come forward because of fear of losing their job and being harassed – I am one. Artie Fields is aware of the bad behavior and so is Human Resources. Claims brought to HR by women are not taken seriously and the male dominated environment is toxic. Women are not treated equal nor are they groomed for manager or director positions. A majority of male managers or directors continue to be protected by HR and Mayor. What do you think would be the outcome of privately interviewing all the women that work at the City of Inglewood???

    2. And, get rid of all his friends, nieces, nephews, godchildren, and girlfriends that he brought in as well. Look into the background of these “employees”. The City’ Human Resources Department is corrupt. Get rid of all of HR and that will solve a lot. CLEAN HOUSE!!!

      1. Nepotism and the friends without skill sets who have been granted titles and jobs to keep others silent seems to be the legacy of the current administration

        It would be grand if those who know the relationships would share them with the public so the connect-the-dot-picture would be made clear for those who are unaware and use blinders

        City hiring policy should be open, well advertised, fair, equitable, and based on actual education and job related experience……it should not be like getting a job at Uncle Jimmies Sweet Shop where tantalizing, and stroking an ego is the most important ability

        Remember residents these favored family and special friends have become our pension burdens for life !! (And of course that doesn’t include the court costs and settlement agreements if the girl friends fall out of favor )

        If something isn’t done to ensure that employees are hired by a fair and equitable policy -free of political (aka the mayor’s influence) we will pay a heavy burden for years to come.

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