Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

15 thoughts on “Follow the Money: Antelope Valley Union High School District

  1. Your so concerned about the AV?? Maybe since your sister Dr. Ruffin is behind all this giving information about the board agenda items and intel about the district in which her family members have graduated from why don’t you report about the daca of today that was happening??? Your information is irrelevant and not new to the AV. Why all of a sudden is Ruffin iinvolved in board members other then her colleagues?? A year has gone by and her presence is still not known in the schools so how is she making changes or differences?? She didn’t show up to graduation at KHS because she has something against them for not giving her daughter a scholarship! But yet she wants to bring out the dirty laundry in highly respectful people but she is educated and a Dr??? What difference has she made since elected besides make a fool of herself and all the phony people she has rooting for her?? Does she also have a home in Oxnard that’s why meetings had to be modified for her schedule if so she’s not any different then the other board members… you want to write, write about the students and academics what there making a difference in and impacts they have!!! Focus on giving money to teachers and campuses to make it a better learning experience and environment.

    1. Ms. Ruffin has been on the school board for approx. a year. Based on news reports, the students in the Antelope Valley Union High School District are demonstrating high levels of racism painting their faces black and using racial slurs. How is Dr. Vierra addressing THOSE issues?

      1. Dr. Ruffin gives her race a bad name! She is a race baiting, pot stirring, RACIST.
        She tries to bring attention to the plight of minorities, yet acts like a spoiled brat when she doesn’t get her way.The black community deserves so much better.
        And no Ruffin, I do not wish to elaborate. You know what I am talking about. Do the right thing for ALL of the students………walk out and don’t come back?

          1. were getting involved w a huge play w the LASD and the AVUHSD. i am a community/political activist w ties allover the Antelope Valley to people who want social justice and WE NEED HELP ie your intel resources are far and way superior . 661 405 6771 Dave

  2. 1) All urbangirls content is about central Los Angeles issues. Where is this analysis coming from? Please explain and include why you suddenly care about our area otherwise this looks like a random piece.

    2) “As district residents continue to reveal information.” Like any respectable publication, name your sources and your article will be more reputable and respected.

    3) Thank you for proofreading this article unlike your first AV article about Davis’ resignation.

    1. Hi Teagan!

      This blog is credible enough to be cited in mainstream media like Daily Breeze, LA Times and your local paper, Antelope Valley News.

      Second, we cover ANY area where Black people live and are educated. We don’t believe in boundaries on what we report as we are always looking to widen our reach.

      Lastly, revealing sources is a breach of confidence of the author who submits anonymously.

      All of you commenters are more concerned about “who wrote it” than critically examining the content that is being provided.

      You can’t dispute the salaries, positions or board votes as they are ALL public record and if you check Transparent California, there are FIVE employees within AVUHSD, including the superintendent, with the last name Vierra.

      We appreciate you reaching out Teagan.

  3. This article is so full of misinformation. Perhaps do some research before you spout this inaccurate trash.

      1. It is not my job to enlighten you. It is your job to make sure that before you publish your content, that you do your due diligence in researching the facts, not just publishing what feeds your agenda.

  4. I thought we had issues here in the city. You mean to tell me this Dr. Vierra hired his brother as his next in command, his sister and let me guess the other Vierra is his Son! This reminds me of that movie “The Stupids” is Dr. Vierra his own Grandpa too? When is the next meeting? I hope DA Lacey attends to get to the bottom of this

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