Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

7 thoughts on “Eye on Mayor Butts: Passing out free money to developers, campaign donors

  1. Stay tuned the State dept of finance will intervene with Butts/he is a part of dumb ass DOTSON /PADILLA WHO BOUGHT FOR THEIR ELECTION/$125 000 EACH/ SAFFRON IS THE SHOT CALLER ALONG WITH BALLMER AND KROENKE SO FI

  2. Mayor Butts does not understand Inglewood is a municipality and not a business/he could not manage a hot dog stand/got played gave Inglewood financial problems/got 2 dummies/turkeys DOTSON AND PADILLO/ LISTEN TO THEM

  3. Butt has been a crook since he became Mayor of Inglewood from inflated salary to his then Girlfriend to illegal contract deals with Inglewood Park cemetery…but that is the fault of the citizens of Inglewood citizens you sold your soul for a football Team now most people can’t afford to live there and he’s fattening his pockets with deals selling off properties to outside developers. Maxine Water once Rona leaves bring the Federal Government in and look at the operation and deals made on behalf of the citizens of Inglewood

  4. Thank you for bringing these words to the public !

    Apparently we are not supposed to know the difference between “May” and “shall” . The wiggle room in some of the contracts which the city elected have Signed off on leave gaping holes so large a herd of elephants and a pod of whales would not find difficult to get through…. and no need to go in single file either.

    Perhaps now we know why Mr B and his merry and of aye-sayers were so quick to terminate and pay a settlement to

    Sad isn’t it ….how much we pay image consultants to lie to us.

    Meanwhile Saffron and his management team are living in serious luxury On our dime

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